Gov Christie “Snow Emergency”. Courts closed statewide. But no snow in Atlantic County.

Light rain. Temperature 40 deg. No justice for my clients. No money today for them or me. But taxes due. “Non-essential” court employees off with pay. “Essentials” paid double. “Unintended consequence” of Fed/State takeover of “Emergency Management”.

I really feel sorry for the lawyers and clients with complicated cases who lost thousands of dollars on experts, witnesses, preparation, etc., and victims of crimes prepared to testify and living in fear of criminals out on bail.?? May take weeks to reschedule these cases.

Of course, today’s losses nothing compared to when Governor killed last two weeks of shore tourist season for non-Hurricane Irene in 2011, or when he closed Atlantic City casinos 6 days for Sandy, even though Atlantic City casinos and garages were?safest place in South Jersey for people and cars.

What if storm turned out to be more serious????Somers Point, Atlantic City, and all the towns of South Jersey?survived the Blizzards of 1888 and 1978, and the Hurricanes of 1938 and 1944, the March Storm of 1962, the Halloween Storm of 1991, etc.? Somehow our local mayors and police chiefs knew when it was necessary to close roads, bridges, and government buildings, and evacuate people from low lying areas.??? Seth Grossman, Executive Director.?? February 5, 2014.

1 thought on “Gov Christie “Snow Emergency”. Courts closed statewide. But no snow in Atlantic County.”

  1. Ain’t life great in this Nanny State?
    What will happen when there is a real emergency? Will anyone pay attention?

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