Growth of the Welfare State

We are in the predicament of the sorcerer’s apprentice; almost anywhere we turn our horrified eyes, we see that the welfare state has a built-in, irresistible tendency to further growth.?? More and more areas of compulsory aid keep being discovered; more and more population groups are drawn in; the assistance rendered grows more comprehensive and the projects adopted more elaborate. … The welfare state is the favorite playground of a cheap sort of moralism that only thoughtlessness shields from exposure.?? But what is equally bad is that to turn back on this path is as difficult as to turn a car on a narrow, steep Alpine road.?? This is what we realize to our consternation once it is beyond doubt that the road leads to the abyss” (Wilhelm Ropke).

(Thank you, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, for bringing this quotation to our attention.)

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