Murphy Energy Plan Is Reckless And Dangerous

NJ Governor Murphy’s “crisis” plan to replace clean and reliable nuclear, oil, and gas power plants with weak, unreliable solar panels and wind turbines during next nine years is as anti-science, reckless, and destructive.

Judith Curry: COP26 “Code Red” Misleading (New Jersey data point)

Click here for link to Challenges of the clean energy transition | Climate Etc. ( posted by Judith Curry after her presentation before the “Conference on Energy and Decarbonization – A New Jersey Business Perspective” in Trenton, NJ last week.

The entire premise of the Murphy Energy plan is that an irreversible climate catastrophe is arriving.  Therefore big cuts in fossil fuel use, regardless of the consequences, are required immediately.  Is Murphy correct? Climate scientist Judith Curry disagrees.

Curry says the Murphy administration had declared a “Code Red” climate emergency.  That means a catastrophe is imminent, and that stopping it is the only issue. Electricity reliability and cost are secondary or irrelevant issues. We believe that believes electricity sufficiency, reliability and cost are also vital issues to society.

However, Curry believes climate is not a on the verge of a catastrophe for the following reasons:

The predicting models use CO2 emission rates which are implausibly high.

The model climate sensitivity estimates are too high. Comment – actual measured atmospheric temperatures are much lower than the model calculations.

The ideal climate temperature is unknown. The IPCC claims two hundred years ago was the proper temperature. This was a cold spell so why was it selected as the reference?

The IPCC claims cold spells are decreasing and heat waves are increasing. This is good because cold kills far more people than heat waves. All claims about increased storms are measured only from 1950 and excludes other times.  A longer view shows no increase in storm numbers or intensity.

Humans have always adapted to changing weather and climate. The number of deaths due to climate has decreased by 97% over the past century. Comment – What is the evidence humans cannot adapt to slight warming?

Public policy to achieve net zero ignores reliability and cost.

Reliance on wind and solar is causing massive problems in California, Europe and England.

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