Hundred Thousand Peaceful & Pleasant Outside Had No Idea What Handful of Crazies Were Doing Inside Capitol


The above photo of Long Island dentist Gila Jedwab in front of the Capitol on January 6 was published by the Nassau Herald, a newspaper published and distributed throughout Long Island, New York.

Just heard Gila at tonight’s Zoom meeting of #Jewish #Republicans from #NewYork. She said she was with more than 100,000 who peacefully & pleasantly showed support for President & each other last week at the Ellipse, a park near the White House.  She said neither she nor others had any idea of what a few dozen #mishuganas (crazies) were doing inside the Capitol Building until she heard news reports later that evening.  During her presentation tonight, Gila casually mentioned that almost everyone around her had no cell phone service for hours.  Gila said she and everyone around her was trying to share their experience with Facebook Live presentations.  However, nothing was going through and they were told that the crowd had overloaded nearby cell phone towers.

Also, other eyewitnesses later reported that the violence at the Capitol Building began long before President Trump finished his speech to supporters at the Ellipse Park more than a mile away.


The truth is that the only real “insurrection” going in America are what Democrat mobs have been doing since 2011 when they stormed and occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol Building .

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