If Races Were Reversed, This Would Be 24/7 National News & “White Teen Kills Black Student” Would Be Headline. Photos Of Killer & Victim Would Be Side By Side In Every Story.

Last Sunday, November 28, Sam Collington, a 21 year old student at Temple University, was shot to death while taking belongings out of his car in front of his student apartment near the college.  He was murdered by a 17 year old black teenager.  Two weeks earlier, on November 17, Ahmir Jones, an 18 year old black teenager was shot to death when he tried to stop another young black man from taking his girlfriend’s cell phone.

These murders are typical of the bullying, shootings, robberies, burglaries, and murders that happen  almost every day, week, or month in almost every major city in America.  Most of these crimes are committed by young black men.  Few people know this because these crime stories appear in only local papers and TV news reports. They rarely make the national news.  If they do, they quickly disappear after a day or two.  Race is not considered relevant.  Therefore, race is rarely mentioned in the stories and never mention in the headlines.  Photos of black perpetrators and white victims are rarely shown side by side.  Photos of black perpetrators are rarely shown at all.  Photos and descriptions of black suspects are often withheld even when the suspects are at-large and police need help from the community to find them and get them off the street.

This is no accident.  American media is run by people who do not think it is their job to give people important and useful information.  These people use our media to win support for their far-left, hate-America, blame-America political agenda.  Whenever you read a daily newspaper, watch any network TV news, or hear any top or bottom of the hour news on any radio station, you must imagine you are listening to the paid political message of a candidate trying to win your vote.  You must imagine you are on a jury listening to the argument of a lawyer who wants you to award money to him and his client.  Or you must imagine you are listening to the media of a National Socialist (Nazi) regimesof 1930’s or a Communist regime in Russia during the Cold War, or Communist China or North Korea today.  You must know that they all of them will do or say anything to keep the regime in power.

All of them will invent or repeat any lie that will help their case. . . if they think they can get away with it.  For years, the left-run media did get away with telling one lie after another.  Newspapers like the New York Times got away with it by refusing to publish opinion pieces or letters to the editor which in any way questioned their “news”.  Most online news sources stopped posting online comments.  In early 2020, Facebook systematically blocked most of our 8,000 followers from seeing our posts.  Twitter used “shadow-banning” to limit us.  By repeating their lies and blocking the truth, the media persuaded half the country that their lies were truth.  When their lies are exposed, the media simply report new lies.  They rarely retract, correct, or apologize for lies they reported as facts for months or years.  More than a third of Americans still believe their most blatant lies reported by the media during the past four years about the police, green energy, the Chinese coronavirus, and former President Trump.

Why do so many “different” media sources all repeat the same lies and promote the leftist agenda?   Former Russian agent Yuri Bezmenov explained why in great detail in 1985.  Please click here or link below for the full story:

In 1984, Yuri Bezmenov Explained Why This Would Happen Today. – Liberty and Prosperity


However, telling lies is not the most effective propaganda technique used by today’s media.  Their most effective technique is distorting the perception of reality by systematically failing to report the whole truth.  Crimes like this week’s murder of a white Temple University student by a black teenager is typical of what happens in Philadelphia, Chicago, and in almost every major city in America every week or month.  This is a serious national problem.   However, few Americans are aware of how bad the problem is, or what is causing it.  That is because these crime stories are rarely reported as national news by daily newspapers or radio or TV networks.  They are usually reported only in local media as local stories.  Even then, there are few follow up stories after the event.  And the race of the perpetrator is rarely, if every stated in the headline or even the story.  Photos of perpetrators and victims are rarely shown side-by-side unless the perpetrator is white.

However, stories involving the deaths George Floyd in Minneapolis and Ahmaud Arbery were reported far differently.  Although they were rare, isolated, and local crime stories, both were reported as urgent national news in every daily newspaper, on-line news service, radio, and TV station in the country.  There were weeks and months of follow-up front page and featured headline stories, articles, and posts for more than a year.  The headline and lead of almost every story and post stated that the perpetrators were white and victims black.  The races of perpetrator and victim were further publicized with photos of both repeatedly shown side by side.  Any facts suggesting any misconduct by the black victim were not reported.  Neither were any facts suggesting some justification or legitimate misunderstanding or mistake by the white perpetrator.  As a result, every major media story about George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery offered no possible explanation for their deaths other than white hatred and willful hatred.

Years of this propaganda has put us all in danger.  Criminals are getting more violent and aggressive because they know police or any citizen who tries to stop them are more likely to be punished than they are.  Police put themselves in danger by waiting too long to use their weapons.  Voters are unaware of level of violence among so many young men in minority communities, and are falsely blaming police and armed citizens who are forced to deal with them.

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  1. Since we are all one race, because we all came from one set of parents, and thereby all related, but with multiple possibilities for color combinations, I believe it would be more accurate to identify someone by the area of the world, or people group they are physically identified with by ancestry. It would be a change in thinking, but just more accurate.

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