Is Media Wrong? Is Florida Succeeding With Covid?

I’ve been comparing Florida with New Jersey Covid stats for a while.  Florida has almost three time the population of New Jersey and many more elderly.  Yet even though Florida is reporting far more positive tests each day than New Jersey, the daily hospitalization and death rates of the two states, adjusted for population, are roughly equal.  It appears that in Florida, more younger people are getting milder cases.  It appears that Florida did and is doing a better job of protecting its sick and elderly.  Meanwhile. Florida’s economy is far more open.  Most people are going to work, paying their bills and paying their rent.  I know.  I have four rental properties down there!  None in New Jersey.

Of course the big question is whether the 400,000 infected, but healthy or soon to be healthy people in both states will be immune long enough to be a barrier to stop further spread of the disease.

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  1. Having lived under both of these men ,in addition to the senior Cuomo, we are not surprised; Cuomo is a blow hard. It runs in the family.

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