Key COVID Facts: Trump US Better Than “Progressive” Europe. Masks, Shutdowns Delay But Don’t Stop The Spread. US Death Rate Now Less Than Flu Levels.

Even chart from far-left CNN exposes Democrat lies about COVID-19 coronavirus.  Masks and lockdowns delay, but do not stop the spread.   Trump was right in having US play the long game.  We re-opened our economy (except in Democrat states like New Jersey, New York, and Michigan).  We created and then mass produced faster and better tests.  We shielded our sick and elderly and gave better treatment to those infected.  We brought the death rate down to below flu levels.  We are developing a vaccine and simultaneously preparing it for mass distribution “at warp speed” for the first time.

Graphs for both New Jersey and Florida cases and deaths confirm that deaths are still below seasonal flu levels, even though infections with milder cases are increasing among young people.  Roughly 90% or 200,000 of the 230,000 Americans who died from COVID-19 corona virus died during the first two months of the epidemic.   They were casualties of a surprise attack just like the Americans who died at Pearl Harbor in 1941 and in the World Trade Center of New York in 2001.  They died because Chinese Communist regime failed to warn us about a virus they had studied for years in their Wuhan laboratory.   The Communist regime also bullied the media and public health officials from learning the successful methods of its non-Communist Chinese rival Taiwan. (Please Click Here To Read Our Previous Posts About Taiwan’s Success With COVID-19 Coronavirus.)

Please click here to view our video about the movie “Sully”.  That movie described how airline pilot Chesley Sullenberger was at first criticized for landing his plane in the Hudson River when his engines failed.  Simulations showed that he could have landed safely at a nearby airport if he acted instantly.   Later investigation proved that in the real world, it is impossible to respond instantly to an unexpected crisis.  Time is needed to assess the situation and consider various courses of action.

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