Lonegan election upset today would send message on $17 trillion debt.

The ?trillion-dollar budget numbers make sense when you divide them ?by America’s 100 million families.? The federal budget of $3.5 trillion taxes $28,000 per family, spends $35,000, and borrows $7,000.

In 2011, Republicans compromised when our government’s credit card was maxed out at $142,000 per family. But the tax hikes and puny “sequester” cuts didn’t do much, and our credit is maxed out again at $167,000 per family.

Democrats and some House Republicans want to raise the debt limit again and keep borrowing.

As a lawyer who did bankruptcies for 36 years, I never advised a family with yearly income of $28,000 and $167,000 in credit card debt to refinance and borrow more.

When Steve Lonegan was mayor of the mid-sized town of Bogota, he challenged? the massive borrowing plans of both Republican Gov. Christine Todd Whitman and Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine. Controlling government spending is the biggest problem facing America today. If Lonegan upsets Cory Booker in the special election today ?(Wednesday, October 16), our business-as-usual politicians might get that message.?? Seth Grossman

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1 thought on “Lonegan election upset today would send message on $17 trillion debt.”

  1. Seth- I am getting bolder and bolder, talking to everybody I can find, sending e-mails to friends, asking them to contact others. Sending e-mails and making calls to Lobiondo, Mendez and Chiesa. We have to fight sand fight and fight. I am not being falsely optimistic when I say that New Jerseyans and Americans are slowly waking up to the truth. We have to expose the corrupt deals that go on like some of the latest dirty schemes like giving congress and staff heavy subsidies towards obamacare and offering unions an “out” with obamacare so that the liberals will not lose the union support in the 2014 elections, something they are currently in danger of losing. More and more of “paying off” their base and throwing the rest of us under the bus…..

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