Lots of New Covid19 Cases in NJ. But Still Very Few Deaths

Shouldn’t we be talking about why so many Covid19 positive cases today are causing so few deaths?   Did the virus mutate and become less dangerous?  Are younger, healthier people getting milder cases–and mass immunity?  Are we doing a better job of protecting the sick and elderly in nursing and veteran homes?   Are households better protecting parents and grandparents who live there.  Are we doing a better job of treating those who get severe cases?

Do we know where and how people are getting infected?  Are they getting infected in bars or restaurants?  If not, why would we shut them down?  Are people getting careless about washing their hands often?  If so, how would putting more people out of work make things better?

There is no such thing as a nine month “emergency”.  This is not like a fire or hurricane where decisions to close down or evacuate must be made immediately.  The Governor has no legal authority to deprive us of our freedom and livelihoods all by himself.   Our US and NJ Constitutions require public hearings, discussions, debates, and open votes by the 80 elected members of our NJ General Assembly, and 40 members of our State Senate.

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