Major Fundraiser Brunch With Alex Newman. Just Over One Week Away.

We are sending this invitation by regular mail to as many people as we can who don’t get our emails.  With just over a week to go, please sign up, or at least make a donation for 2021.  If you know someone who might be interested, please let us know so we can send them this letter.  Thanks!


It has been one year since Rev. Thomas C. Michael spoke to us at our Washington-Lincoln fundraiser last February.  He reminded us of the dark days described in the Old Testament Book of Judges.  That was when “there was no King in Israel, and everyone did what was right in his own eyes”.   Rev. Michael explained that this happens when parents fail “to give instruction to their children”.

We have had such dark days in America during the past year.  We need your help now more than ever to change things.  Help us teach the importance of supporting, applying, and enforcing our Constitution and laws that apply equally to everyone.  Help us make America a land of freedom and opportunity again.  Help us again live in a country where each of us is safe and free to make the most important decisions affecting our own lives. And where each of us is allowed to benefit from our good choices and accepts responsibility for the bad ones.

Please support our fundraising campaign this year.  Our brunch will be on Saturday, February 20.  It will again be at the banquet room of Sal’s Coal Fired Pizza at Groveland Avenue and New Road in Somers Point.  Tickets are $100.  Because of coronavirus social distancing rules, in-person attendance is limited to the first 20 who buy tickets. We will also have online participation via Webex.  We suggest a donation of $50 for online participation.  However, we will send the needed special log-in ID and password to everyone who donates in 2021. Please send your check to our Somers Point office, or pay online through our website.

We also ask that you also pay the $30 dues to be a supporting member for 2021.

Our speaker this year will be Alex Newman.  He will appear via two-way video.  Newman spoke to us two years ago about his book “Crimes of The Educators”.  He explained why it is too late to fix our public schools, and why we must do whatever we can to get our children and grandchildren out of them.

This year, Newman will talk about his new book “The Deep State”.  He will explain in detail who is benefitting from the policies and programs that have been hurting most Americans during the past 60 years.

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We are not using professional fundraisers.  Every dollar you give is used to support our mission.  Please contact us for questions or details. Thank you again for your support.


Seth Grossman, Executive Director

P.S. Please also click this link to view and share our video promoting this event.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Major Fundraiser Brunch With Alex Newman. Just Over One Week Away.”

  1. Kevin Oliverio

    He was not president when the constitution was created .. constitution created the office of president. He did preside over the creation though. While it may feel good to say the continental army was unstoppable I don’t think that is true either. It’s not about diminishing Washington what he did is extraordinary and our country probably wouldn’t exist if not for him. Still … facts first.

  2. Seth Grossman

    The bottom line is that Nikki Haley’s Tweet is 100% true and historically accurate: “George Washington turned an army of ragtag troops into an unstoppable force that defeated the British & secured America’s independence. As President, he oversaw the creation of our Constitution & showed the world what it looks like to govern by the people and for the people.❤️🇺🇸. – Nikki Haley (@NikkiHaley) February 15, 2021”. The volunteers Washington took command of outside of Boston in 1775 were untrained, undisciplined “ragtag troops”. After Valley Forge three years later, they were “unstoppable”, which is why the British moved their war to the southern states. Washington started the movement to create a new Constitution, and was unanimously chosen to be “President” of that “Constitutional Convention”. Yes, there may be confusion over how Nikki Haley used the term “President” in that tweet. However, there is no question that Washington initiated and “oversaw the creation of our Constitution”. Nikki Haley gave a much more accurate and truthful history than any of the fake “historians” or professors who mocked her. Seth Grossman.

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