More Green Job Wishes


  • Will the forced energy transition to `green’ energy produced affordable energy and increase jobs and prosperity?  According to Applied Economic Clinic reports, the answer is YES.
  • According to Alex Epstein’s well documented `Talking Points’ the answer is NO
  • Applied Economic Clinic makes predictions which requires the question what is the accuracy of and reliability of accuracy of past predictions? Without proof of past accurate predictions, their reports are just guesses.
  • Epstein references facts which require the question, verify.
  • Read both articles and decide who is correct.

NJ Spotlight Article AEC

Epstein Talking Points


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Seth Grossman, Executive Director

1 thought on “More Green Job Wishes”

  1. Thanks for posting this article, Seth. It is truly scary what’s about to happen in this nation in the near future. I’m prepared, but so many are not. There will hell to pay on November 8th.

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