More Offshore Wind, At What Price

Energy, to be useful to humans, must be reliable, affordable and plentiful. These three requirements are not addressed in this article.

The purpose of energy is to provide the means to promote a human flourishing society and to create the wealth to adapt to changes in weather and climate. This article claims wind energy will `fight’ climate change.  What measurable changes in climate should we expect? What will be the cost of the wind energy?

  • Offshore wind produces unreliable energy about 45% of the time. It will, on the average supply power to 900,000 homes, not two (2) million though some days it will power two million and others none.
  • The un-quantified number of jobs created will be subsidized by ratepayers. This means the jobs are actually a drain on industrial growth, not creating growth.


Per Alex Epstein

Creating jobs” is only a good thing if those jobs are productive jobs. If the government pays people to produce inferior products and services or pays people to produce inefficiently, that is “welfare work” that hurts American consumers and American competitiveness.


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Seth Grossman, Executive Director

3 thoughts on “More Offshore Wind, At What Price”

  1. Seth I’ve criticized you before but this article is on point…we are basically getting fat cat raped
    It brought to mind when the Sands casino closed and the then almighty turd known as Carl Icahn was paying severance to the Sands employees and at the 11th hour said that the local 54 employees retirement funds were their severance and therefore would not get even a penny for each year of their service… God Almighty shall be the judge

  2. The lowest cost means of energy storage is pumped water. When excess energy is available at no significant cost, using it to pump water from a low place to a high place, then when the energy is needed, let it run down through turbines, turning generators to supply the needed power.
    Coal fueled and nuclear power plants are very slow to adapt to changes in demand. Natural gas fueled gas turbines are very quick to respond to changes in demand. Hydroelectric power plants are also quick to respond.

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