Most NJ Voters Support Limits On Abortion & Reject Abortion Extremism Of Gov. Murphy.


Submitted by Ethel Hermenau, South Jersey Project Director for LIFENET. LIFENET is a nonprofit organization established in 1994 that aims to achieve equal rights for babies in the womb through education, advocacy and networking. Posted in response to : THE NEW BABY-KILLERS. April 26, 2023 Opinion Column Posted By Ann Coulter – Liberty and Prosperity

Ann Coulter makes some valid points.  However, she should not call herself an anti-abortion zealot, which is an oxymoron.  She should take her advice and go and make sure she teaches people about abortion which I haven’t seen yet.

Ann Coulter wrote that piece last April. She re-posted last week, after the vote in Ohio. If Liberty and Prosperity wishes post that piece here in New Jersey just before our election of all 40 State Senators and all 80 members of the General Assembly in our Legislature, please share this information from New Jersey Right to Life (NJRTL).

Please share the news that our New Jersey State Government is out of control. Wind turbines and sonar testing that kills whales are important, and winning political issues.  Babies in the womb, God’s creations that have heartbeats are more important. . . and God’s winning issue!

New Jersey Right To Live (NJRTL) just released a poll which found, “The Majority of NJ Citizens Support Limits on Abortion and Reject the Abortion Extremism of Governor Murphy and his Party Leaders”.   Over 66% of NJ Residents oppose abortion in the last few months of pregnancy. Over 60% believe there should be limits.

Also, over 62% of New Jersey voters believe that nobody should be forced to perform or pay for abortions that goes against their religious or moral beliefs. Hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals should not be terminated or disciplined if they refuse to perform or assist in abortions. Institutions, employers, and consumers should not be forced to purchase insurance or health plans that pay for abortions.

Over 57% of NJ residents do not think doctors, nurses or others have to do abortions if morally opposed to them. Roughly 70 % of adults believe that abortion providers should notify parents if a minor is getting an abortion. Some 58% of adults in New Jersey oppose the use of state taxes to fund abortions.

Did Ann Coulter ever raise these points in her posts and media appearances?  Why doesn’t she call out the true fanatics like our Democratic Party Governor Phil Murphy, who repeatedly promotes as many abortions as possible as routine birth control, and the most extreme and barbaric late term abortions?  Why doesn’t she call out New Jersey’s Attorney General who uses his office, and his website, to promote these abortions and intimidate anyone who openly opposes or protests them?

It is important that for those who believe in life to communicate with vulnerable women who are pregnant and believe abortion is their only real option. Governor Murphy and his Attorney General are unlawfully harassing us for running “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” to reach these women and show that they have better options.

In New York, the 40 Days and the Thomas More Society just won a lawsuit stop state officials from setting up buffer zones outside abortion mills to keep pro-life volunteers from reaching women before they make irrevocable decisions they often regret. Some 50 Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) in New Jersey have so far helped some 35,000 women and their families.  They do not get millions of dollars from the state and federal governments like Planned Parenthood.  They depend on grassroots donations from New Jersey families to thrive.  Because so many families support our work, they do thrive.

When the State falsely accused Crisis Pregnancy Centers of violating consumer protection laws, they sued the state for recordsto prove they were in full compliance. The Attorney General was even ordered to pay their legal fees!

The New Jersey Attorney General is now organizing a special “strike force” to harass and intimidate CPC and street advocate volunteers.

They are forced to constantly defend our rights in court because Murphy Democrats are constantly attacking our fundamental rights of free speech and freedom of religion.  I am certain that Martin Luther King would be with us if he were alive today.

It is also worth mentioning that pro-abortion forces won in Ohio ibecause of 400,000 mail in ballots, mostly harvested by Democrats.  We need to learn how to do the same.

I just recorded a radio spot, where I discussed the dignity of a baby in the womb.  A girl I helped recently kept her baby. If she had aborted him, Jream would have been 14 weeks old.  If she went to the abortionist, he would have done a D&E on her, a Dilation and Evacuation procedure which is considered a late-term abortion.  It is only a 2nd-trimester abortion.


Click here or above image for link to video describing the procedure:

Dr. Leviatino, who did over 1200 abortions, now is very pro-life after he lost his daughter.  He believes that after this tragedy, God woke him up to the evil of abortion.  At the end of every “procedure”, each doctor must count and account for each of the baby’s body parts. He or she must confirm in writing that there are 2 legs, 2 arms, a crushed head, etc., to make sure he has it all so the woman is safe. That has a long term, traumatizing effect on every medical professional involved.  Every woman, and often the man often suffers mental anguish for many years over the killing of their child.

Pro-life advocates are driven by the understanding that what the world wants to accept as normal is intrinsically evil. We recognize it for what it is.  Those that do not even speak of this in the church  unfortunately cannot recognize this evil. We stand up to try to change their hearts all the time.  I talk to many people in churches on the street corners. Most are pro-life to at least some degree.

If you post the political piece by Ann Coulter which may be half right, then post the truth of what is taking place in New Jersey and throughout America.

Tell them the price we pay. We can be fired from our jobs, fined, jailed like that priest in New York, or even worse.  Fight for our rights to freedom of speech and religious and moral beliefs.  That can be a winning political message.  Also remember that if the government continues to take away our fundamental “unalienable” rights, who will stand up for you when they come for you?

. Matthew 16;26 What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

Ethel Hermeneau, Project Director

LIFENET, South Jersey Office

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4 thoughts on “Most NJ Voters Support Limits On Abortion & Reject Abortion Extremism Of Gov. Murphy.”

  1. Such a good response to the argument that prolife beliefs should stay out of politics. What we need is MORE light to be shed on the evil that is taking place in states that are sorely lacking in protection for the unborn. As the writer states, MOST people agree with protections of all kinds for both the mother and child.

  2. Great article Ethel! Full of solid and timely information! NJ is awakening to the antics of our current government. Time to change the Abortion State back to the Garden State! We need to keep the truth about abortion continually in front of the people and change this state around to become a haven for life-not death! Keep fighting for life and family values! Change is in sight!
    Janice Weber

  3. This is amazing. This is the kinda information we need to get out there and thank you for making it sharable. So many of these policies are happening right under our noses. I’m so thankful for Ethel Hermaneau and Seth Grossman willing to take on the long nights of research to get this to us.

  4. Great post, Ethel! You made a lot of strong points. I’m sure that both you and Ann will have been made better by your exchange. Thanks for sharing all this information and insight.

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