My Generation Learned Real Science. We Recognize The Lies of “Climate Change” & “Green” Energy.

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Don’t be fooled. Older Americans are NOT anti-science. Americans have been obsessed with science since the days of Benjamin Franklin 300 years ago. I and most of my “boomer” generation applied science in school, “science fairs”, and through Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines on our own.

We know that Climate has been changing for billions of years since earth was formed. Our schools were heated by coal. We often played with the coal piled up in the school yard. We saw images of tropical plants in each lump of Pennsylvania coal. We know the earth was much colder during an Ice Age 10,000 years ago. We saw the rocks that were left in North Jersey when the giant ice sheets melted. We saw the bones of ice age animals like woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers in museums. We know that something caused the earth get warmer a long time before the first factory or automobile was built.

We “boomers” also wanted new laws to give us clean air and water in the 1970’s. We know that the air and water are much cleaner today than when we were growing up. We agree with real scientists and environmentalists like Michael Shellenberger, author of “Apocalypse Never”. They show us that if any global warming is caused by humans, it is manageable.

We can easily end the need for most fossil fuels by building nuclear reactors to make our electricity. France already gets 71% of its electricity from nuclear power. Energy from solar & wind is weak. Basic physics was once taught in eighth grade science. We know that that generators to not “create” electric energy. They just change it from one form to another. If sunlight hitting solar panels is too weak to fry an egg, electricity made from that solar panel will also be too weak to fry an egg.

Solar and wind energy are also unreliable. Solar stops at night or when a cloud goes by. The wind can suddenly stop at any moment. This energy can’t be stored. There fossil fuels must constantly be burned as back-up. Wind & solar projects make big profits from fraud, open and hidden taxes, & higher rates—not from the little energy they produce–often when not needed and dumped.

Climate alarmists are wrong and make things worse. They benefit nobody but big corporations, government politicians, bureaucrats, contractors, and of course, the Communist regime in China. Help us get these liars and their fake science out of our public schools, colleges, and government. Learn more at liberty and prosperity dot com. Help us reach more people. Join our weekly breakfasts. Donate what you can. Liberty and prosperity dot com. Thanks!

Click here or photo for 13 minute interview by our Executive Director Seth Grossman.

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  1. The right political leaders need to be in place to get the right energy we need. The right politicians will also work to keep America great and not send everything to China when we have it all right here. To learn more of what we can do, you need to check out Frank Speech at

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