NJ Ballot Question #2. Far more dangerous than just changing NJ Constitution to hike minimum wage every year.

A “yes” vote on NJ Ballot Question #2 will do far more than change?NJ Constitution to mandate yearly hikes in minimum wage.?? It is part of Obama/Trumka AFL-CIO plan to form a new? political force to permanently transform America into ?progressive?/socialist state.??? See http://labortribune.com/trumka-strongly-defends-including-outside-groups-in-labor-movement/.? For 100 years, American labor unions were ?exceptional?.?? They organized and bargained?for better wages and conditions from the companies they worked for.?? But their politics supported a free economy that let their employers profit and grow.? In France, Italy, Greece, Mexico, etc., unions used their political power?to have the government run and bail out?their companies.? They depended on high taxes and government borrowing for?better?pay and benefits.?? Union members in America ?celebrated Labor Day in September with barbecues and baseball.?? In the rest of the world, they held political demonstrations on May 1.? But now Obama’s friends in the?AFL-CIO?are changing all that.? Instead of improving company profits to pay for good wages and benefits, today?s union leaders hurt their?members to support Obamacare, illegal immigration, expensive ?green? energy that kills good union jobs in coal and oil fields, etc.?? Instead of helping their members,? today’s union leaders are out to increase their own?political power so they control the government.?? They even adopt the term ?working families? as a code word for the word ?proletarians? used by socialists.?? NJ Ballot Question #2 is a test.?? If they can win by scaring a ?strong? Republican governor out of opposing it, they will be back next year with more ballot questions to ram?their far-left agenda down our throats.? Like a $15 per hour ?Fair Wage? or ?Living Wage? that Communists advocated with their slogan, ?From each according to his ability?to each according to his need!??? www.libertyandprosperity.org.

9 thoughts on “NJ Ballot Question #2. Far more dangerous than just changing NJ Constitution to hike minimum wage every year.”

  1. You realize that corporationS in this country that employ minimum wage workers have been making huge profits yet refuse to pay their employees enough to survive right?

  2. The bottom rung of the skill /wage ladder is a must for any business and provides an opportunity for employment and development for those with limited skills. The increased minimum wage idea is a job killer for those with limited skills. I never expected to provide for myself by
    shining shoes, but after years of climbing the rungs of the skill/wage ladder, I did.

  3. Do you realize corporations in this country employ millions of workers that are able to pay their bills and enjoy life in the greatest country in the word.Minimum wage is a starting point for students just entering the work environment.Peopl e looking to supplement their income.Parolees after release starting over,and so on..No,its not
    a great living,but here in this country we have a saying.”LIFE,LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS”.On must persevere ,work 2 or 3 jobs to attain the Americn Dream!!! Its done everyday.Raise the minimum wage by $1.00 per hour
    and many businesses will go under,thus wiping out thousands of jobs.Payroll,is a businessmans most controllable expense.Raising minimum wage waould devastate
    a already bad economy. When is the last time a poor person gave a job to anybody? NOT NATE NATHANSON

  4. Minimum wage jobs are entry level positions. No one is expected to make these
    positions lifelong. No matter how much the minimum wage is raised or how often, it
    remains minimum wage. What effect will this have on the state economy? A business must make a profit or close. Companies will be forced to raise the price of their goods and services. This will result in layoffs and/or price increases. Senior citizens on fixed incomes will see their buying power decreased. They no longer get cost of living increases nor are their investments providing the returns anticipated.
    As minimum wage draws closer to the pay received for more skilled jobs, these wages must also be raised. What will result? An artifically inflated economy that forces companies to leave the state to do business in a more friendly environment.
    We do not need to be regulated and legislated in all aspects of our lives.

  5. I will never forget my first job at the age of 16. I applied for a job at Roy Rogers making min. wage of $2.72/hr. I was thrilled. After about a year, my pay incrased by 50 cents. I was thrilled. I was a student with no experience. This company took me in a taught me basic employability skills – from the discipline of getting to work on time to how to interact with customers and co-workers. The minimum wage is a learning wage, what some refer to as the “first rung on the ladder.” Minimum wage is an entry level wage and it is not something meant to support a family on. Too many people are getting stuck in these entry level jobs and not moving out and up after getting experience. I see it less about an argument about the poor – because the actual poor aren’t worried about min. wage – most poor DO NOT WORK AT ALL. Raising the min. wage will surely hurt the teenage students trying to earn money for college.

  6. Another question…how come “D” not list his/her full name? Just wondering why you would throw something out there and not put your name on it.

  7. You don’t realize that most businesses that pay minimum wage are small businesses struggling to survive against big corporations that get special subsidies, tax breaks, and zoning breaks from the government. Minimum wage was designed to give someone training and experience and then move up. But even so, people could get by on minimum wage if your “progressive” government programs, regulations, and high taxes didn’t make food, housing, transportation, insurance, health care, energy, and even cell phones cost so much more now, than before you took over and ruined our free economy.

  8. I agree with you all. Raising minimum wage will cause a ripple effect in which businesses raise their prices, causing us to be like the proverbial dog chasing his own tail? However if you look beyond this basic idea of wage hike, could this just be another way for the government to reap more in taxes at the expense of both employee and employer.
    Kim Yoder ( I can’t wait to come back to our meetings. I have a lot to share from the “community emergency response training” I’ve been taking–been missing you all)

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