NJ’s “Casino Reinvestment Development Authority” is spending lots of money to bring cruise ships to Atlantic City.

We locals know the idea is ridiculous.? Cruise ships are too big, our Inlet is too small, and the ocean around us is too rough, shallow, unpredictable and dangerous.

But most locals also knew the Revel Casino, the rodeo,? the baseball stadium, the? hundred million dollar Boardwalk Hall were ridiculous.

In the real world of business, ?people who do stupid deals like this ?go broke .? ??But here in pay-to-play, crony capitalist? New Jersey, the politicians and consultants of both parties who do one stupid deal after another keep getting fat salaries, contracts, and pensions for themselves and their friends.? The only people who go broke are we–the innocent taxpayers who are forced to pay for all this.

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1 thought on “NJ’s “Casino Reinvestment Development Authority” is spending lots of money to bring cruise ships to Atlantic City.”

  1. Mark Hutchinson

    However, cruise industry analyst Stewart Chiron believes Atlantic City officials should not waste their time courting the cruise lines because they have virtually no interest in sailing here. One drawback, he said, is that Atlantic City is simply too close to established cruise departure ports on the East Coast, such as New York City and Bayonne.

    Chiron also maintained that cruise passengers would rather spend their time in the Caribbean islands, Bermuda and other exotic destinations rather than devoting part of their vacation to Atlantic City.

    ?It?s not a stop that cruise passengers want to make,? he said.

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