Now They Are After Us.

Microsoft “News” today posted this article falsely comparing 74 million Trump supporters today to an isolated “lone wolf” serial killer who murdered blacks, mixed-race couples, and Jews in the late 1970s.  Facebook and Twitters routinely block articles and ban users who infer that other blacks or Muslims are responsible or in any way connected to members of their group who commit similar crimes.  However, it is normal for them and mainstream media to systematically use this classic propaganda technique against whites, Christians, and Republicans.

Democrats are not satisfied that they “won” the election by getting more real and fake votes than Trump.  Like Communists, socialists, and Muslims throughout history, they must now marginalize, silence, and then eliminate anyone who threatens to oppose them in the future.

During the past four years, Democrats and their media, colleges, TV and Hollywood “entertainment” and big corporations have aimed their attacks on not just President Trump, but everyone who supported him.

They falsely called us “deplorables” who “clung to our Bibles and guns”.  They falsely accused us of being less educated, less informed, and less tolerant than those college “educated” Americans who believed their lies, never questioned their motives, and reliably voted for their candidates.

For four years they attacked, ridiculed, and lied about us.  They relentlessly spammed us with fake news that refused to mention any mistakes or failures of Democrats, or any achievements of Trump or Republicans.  When their “Russia”, “Good People On Both Sides”, and “War Dead Are Losers and Suckers” lies were proven to be false, they never retracted or apologized for them, but went on to report new lies.

All major online newspapers including New York Times, Washington Post, shut down their “comments” sections allowing conservatives like us to respond to their lies.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, PayPal and other platforms blocked or shut down our posts that were factually accurate, but which disagreed with “progressive” doctrines.

Unfortunately, President Trump in his first debate s failed to effectively address and refute these lies when speaking directly to 75 million voters without the filter of the media.

Yet in spite of all this, 74 million real voters cast their ballots for President Trump.  If Democrats were as smart, educated  and educated as they claim to be, they would be questioning why they turned so many Americans of all walks of life against them.

However, Democrats are responding the way Communists, Socialists, and other tyrants have done for centuries.

They must silence and eliminate us “by any means necessary”.

That means they must dehumanize us the way Nazis dehumanized Jews in the 1930’s.  They must falsely claim we are dangerous criminals who are a threat to their lives and safety.

They have already done this by falsely blaming President Trump and Trump supporters for every death caused by the coronavirus that came from the Wuhan lab in Communist China.  The rhetoric is identical to when the Nazis falsely blamed Jews for causing every death during World War One.  And when villagers in the Middle Ages falsely blamed Jews for causing the Black Death.

Last week, David Atkins, a new member of the Democratic National Committee, publicly asked “how to reprogram” the “75 million people” who support Trump.  He suggested “thinking in terms of post WW2 Germany or Japan”.

This is more than the ranting of one radical leftist.  As if on cue, today’s Microsoft “News” posted a headline article comparing Trump supporters today with an isolated “lone wolf” racist serial killer from the late 1970’s.

How ironic.  Anyone who remotely suggests a connection between Islamic doctrine and murders which the murderers themselves admit are done to promote that doctrine are blocked and banned from the media, Facebook and Twitter.  Yet it is normal for Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and the “mainstream” media to systematically falsely compare every Trump supporter with every possible random act of violence or hatred during the past hundred years.

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1 thought on “Now They Are After Us.”

  1. Hmm, the people I saw rioting in the streets the last few months didn’t appear to be white supremacists, but
    Leftist anarchists and communist thugs. I support President Trump because he has done many great things in this country, and he supports the constitution and puts America first. He recognizes who our enemies are and has made our military and judicial system stronger in order to fight our enemies. George Washington said he didn’t believe America needed political parties because Americans are all on the same side. In America today, it is clear that what Washington said is no longer true. President Trump has shined a light on the swamp and we are seeing what they are really about.

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