Our Top Priority for 2015: Big Cuts in NJ Real Estate Taxes. Here’s how to do it.

  1. 2015-0415-high-property-taxes-nj-appLess government programs, spending, fewer employees.
  2. No full time pensions and benefits for part-time employees.
  3. Pay government employees same as private employees who do same work.
  4. Post all government employee and their jobs, salaries, and benefits on official government websites.
  5. Cut costs of insurance and lawsuits by ending claims for ?hurt feelings? with no medical proof of injury, and ?fee shifting? laws that force taxpayers to pay lawyers more than what they recover for their clients.
  6. Restructure unsustainable government debt through bankruptcy.
  7. Change union and civil service laws so lay-offs based on merit?not seniority.
  8. Don?t force government and public school employees to join unions
  9. Make all laws (including tax laws) simple enough to understand without lawyers, and apply them equally to everyone.
  10. Distribute State School Tax portion of ?State Property Tax Relief Fund?(Money collected from NJ State Income Tax) to each school district on an equal, per student basis.( This is required by in NJ State Constitutional Amendment that created state income tax in 1976.)

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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. ? John F. Kennedy 1961 quoting ancient Chinese poet and philosopher Lao Tzu

“It’s only too late if you don’t start now.” ?Barbara Sher

Graphic comparing average household property tax bill with nationwide average published by Asbury Park Press, April, 2015.

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1 thought on “Our Top Priority for 2015: Big Cuts in NJ Real Estate Taxes. Here’s how to do it.”

  1. #5 Should read Tort reform, yeah public employees frivolous lawsuits are an issue but there a drop in the bucket compared to the private sector driving up cost…

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