Pete Seeger–his songs always advanced the Communist party line of the day.

See: ?? ?In 1938, songs of Seeger & his mentor Woodrow Wilson (Woody) Guthrie supported war against Fascists in Spain?until Stalin made peace with Hitler. ?Then Seeger and Guthrie sang peace and anti-British songs. ?That is until Hitler betrayed Stalin and invaded Communist Russia in June, 1941 (before Pearl Harbor). ? So Seeger and Guthrie sang anti-fascist war songs again like “Reuben James”.? ? ?When Stalin started ?Cold War? and built nuclear bombs and missiles against U.S., Seeger sang peace songs that put blame on U.S. . During 1940?s Seeger?s songs glorified union workers?until they became prosperous, anti-Communists. Then Seeger ridiculed their new homes in the suburbs with ?Little Boxes??

When ?Communists started ?Wars of National Liberation?, Seeger went back to singing war songs like ?Cristo ya nacio? which compared a Communist guerrilla soldier in Nicaragua to Jesus.? ?Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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2 thoughts on “Pete Seeger–his songs always advanced the Communist party line of the day.”

  1. Publisher of “interesting” “Christmas” music that is being sold to our schools and used by our school children, Plank Road Publishing, says farewell to Pete Seeger on their Facebook page No doubt he was a great inspiration to them. It’s good to know that his spirit will live on through leftist song writers, composers, and publishers to pollute the minds of our children.

    Link to music

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