Politicization of School Shooting, Culture War Against Men

Another school shooting. The politicization of tragedy.

The ADL says the biggest threat of anti-Semitism comes from right wing, white supremacists.

The ADL more interested in Democrat agenda. Could care less about children. Better to blame it on white male Christians.

Need more gun control? New Jersey already has very strict gun controls. Why is mental illness not being addressed?

The cultural war against boys and men.

Obscene use by health professional, especially in schools, of mood altering drugs. Subdue disruptive boys. Long term damage from these drugs

Confidentiality laws allow schools to hide info, even from police.

Uncontrolled illegal immigration. Incompetence of public safety officials.

Downside of diversity goals. No consequences for bad behavior.

SRO’s. School Resource Officers. The arming of teachers and school staff.

NJ Congressman Jeff Van Drew bill.

This is a Seth Grossman appearance on the WPG ‘Talk with a Purpose’ radio show, May 28, 2022.

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