Press of Atlantic City prints biased press release “NJ Farmers say immigration reform is crucial” on front page. Why?

This one-sided article published this week simply repeats the self-serving statements of a well-paid?Farm Bureau ?lobbyist who lives in New York City.?? He claims that unless we give amnesty to 30 million illegal immigrants, NJ See:

Questions:? #1:? Why do we need year-round illegal immigrants? for ?seasonal? work?

#2:? Is “immigration reform” to get people to work on American farms putting a Band-Aid on a brain tumor??? Isn’t the real problem that our schools have brainwashed three generations of American kids into thinking they are “entitled” to comfortable, middle-class lifestyles without first getting enough skills and education to work at more productive, pleasant, and higher paying jobs? ? If Americans today can enjoy good?food, housing, heating, electricity,?health care and even “free” computers and cell phones without producing and earning enough to pay for them, why would anybody spend time in school or in training to get better jobs? ? ? What is the difference between old southern slave owners who supported laws that let them enjoy the wealth produced by slaves forced to work for them, and Americans today who vote for politicians who tax the incomes of those who studied, worked, and trained to get good jobs, so that money can be given to those who did not?

Why did the Press of Atlantic City print this?one-sided press release as a serious article on the front page without printing any other points of view????To give Republican Frank LoBiondo cover when he and House Speaker John Boehner work with Democrats to ram through amnesty?

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  1. First I’d like to start by saying I agree that Americans today have delusions of grandeur about the “American Dream” and how everybody can have it all and work for little. However, it is not the schools who have, as you say, “brain washed 3 generations of kids”. It is the same media driven soul sucking bureaucratic political circumlocutors who attempt (and too many times succeed) to convince us that they speak and work in the best interests of the working man that have done the brain washing. It’s just that their money based agenda (with colleges in their pockets & the federal government’s board of education endorsing/enforcing) turned on its head, because now we lost our labor workforce as a result, and we are turning out very few new generations of skilled laborers. Young adults these days barely know how to cook a real meal or change a flat tire. Our greedy consumer consumed ideology that has become the “American Religion” has changed the idea of success from being proud of work well done & being able to keep your family fed and happy, to success being what you own and that’s it. I am a teacher & though I see it as my job to encourage & inspire every student to reach for the stars, and to show faith that they can do anything they put their minds to no matter who they are or from where they come, in no way does that say that college is the only way. You want to make a statement against this problem stop watching the stupid “scripted” reality shows that deceptively convince you that you aren’t worth anything unless you are on t.v. & have what we have…. Turn off the t.v. & Pick up a book for God’s sake! Also, remember, unless you are 100% Native American, you too are an American today, because of an immigrant that sought a better life for his family just like these workers who incidentally do a damn good job too.

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