Professional Sports Are Perfect Examples Of How American Dream Works. Why Are Professional Athletes Trashing It?

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So even white staff are “encouraged” to wear “Black Lives Matter” shirts? What I find most disgusting is that for years, professional sports were perfect examples of how the American Dream worked. They proved the stupidity of judging people by race, religion, or background. Teams won games by recognizing and rewarding people for only their talent, training commitment, work, and achievement. By using their wealth and celebrity to trash the nation that made their success possible, today’s professional athletes are demonstrating their ignorance, and putting themselves back in the miserable ghettos that many escaped from.  Of course, the real culprits are our public schools and colleges.  They taught there student athletes very little other than to play a sport for a few short years and to hate the country with a Constitution and culture of liberty that gives more people more opportunities to succeed than any other nation in history.

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