An Article V Constitutional Convention? Five Reasons Why It Is A No-Good, Horrible, Very Bad Idea.

“Having witnessed the difficulties and dangers experienced by the first Convention which assembled under every propitious circumstance, I should tremble for the result of a Second, meeting in the present temper of America, and under all the disadvantages I have mentioned.” James Madison, “Father of U.S. Constitution”, November 2, 1788

Our U.S. Constitution provides two methods to amend or change it. Both are found in Article V.  One is for 2/3 of both houses of Congress to propose amendments. The other is for 2/3 of the State Legislatures to “call a Convention for proposing Amendments”. Amendments proposed by either method become effective “when ratified by the Legislatures of 3/4 of the states by Conventions in 3/4 thereof”.

Our Constitution was amended 18 times since it was first adopted in 1787.  The first ten amendments were adopted together as our “Bill of Rights” in 1791.  This was part of a deal made to ratify our original Constitution, and to elect George Washington as our first President in 1788.  Our Constitution was then amended 17 times during the next 227 years. Each of those 27 amendments was proposed by 2/3 of both houses of Congress proposed one single amendment.  So far, the states never called a “Convention of States” or “Constitutional Convention” with the power to amend our entire Constitution.

The most significant of those 17 amendments after the Bill of Rights included:

13th Amendment (1865):  Abolishes slavery

14th Amendment (1868):  Grants basic civil rights to all citizens, regardless of race.

15th Amendment: (1870): Right to vote shall not be denied on basis of race.

16th Amendment: (1913):  Permits federal income tax.

17th Amendment: (1913):  Direct election of U.S. Senators

18th Amendment: (1920):  Right to vote shall not be denied on basis of sex.

22nd Amendment: (1951):  No person shall be elected to the office of President more than twice.

26th Amendment (1971):  Right to vote shall not be denied to any citizen 18 years or older.

During the past few years, several well-known conservatives proposed a “Convention of States” (Constitutional Convention) to amend or change our Constitution. They claim that such a convention can propose amendments with good ideas like term limits and limits on borrowing and spending.  However, such a convention would be a no good, horrible, very bad idea.  Here’ are 5 reasons why:

1.  Communists, socialists, and “progressive” and “woke” Democrats also want to change our Constitution. They want to get rid of the First Amendment so that the government can outlaw “misinformation” and “hate speech” like in Canada, Australia, England, and most of Europe.  Communists, socialists, and “progressive” and “woke” Democrats claim that any facts, arguments or humor that oppose their agenda are “hate speech” or “disinformation”.  They also want to get rid of the 2d Amendment so they can outlaw all private gun ownership as in Australia and many European countries. They want to get rid of Article I, Section 8 which together with the 10th Amendment limit the power of the federal government. They want to get rid of the Electoral College so a handful of big, socialist “sanctuary states” like California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey can pick all future Presidents.  They want to get rid of a U.S. Senate where each state gets two Senators.
2.  If we have a “Convention of States”, there will be elections to pick its delegates.  During the past ten years, “woke” billionaires like George Soros and dark money from Communist and Islamic regimes in China, Russia, and Iran have been very successful in electing radical left mayors, judges, and prosecutors all over America.  Wouldn’t they also dominate elections for delegates to a “Convention of States”?
3.  It is true that a “Convention of States” can only propose changes to our Constitution.  Those proposed amendments would only be effective if they were ratified by the legislatures of 3/4 of the states.  However, if big “Democratic Socialist” states with like New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts and New Jersey with a majority of the population support them, there will be enormous pressure to change the rules and adopt the amendments anyway. Look at how “woke” Democrats they are already undermining support for the Electoral College and a U.S. Senate with equal representation for each state.
4.  The Constitution we have now already gives us all the protection we need.  Article I, Section 8 clearly states that Congress can only borrow and spend money for certain, limited specific things.  The 10th Amendments clearly states that “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people”.  However, most of what the federal government does today and most of the money it borrows and spends are for purposes NOT permitted by Article I, Section 8, and not prohibited by the Constitution to the states.  The federal government does this because since 1932, Presidents and Senators of both parties have nominated and confirmed Supreme Court justices willing to completely disregard the language of our Constitution.  As long as we elect Presidents and Senators who appoint judges who ignore our Constitution, how will amendments to our Constitution change anything?
5..  The movement to call for a Convention of States is a dangerous distraction.  Democrats have proven that by electing a President, they can fundamentally change America without changing our Constitution.  They can do it even quicker by controlling Congress and the Governor and Legislatures of most states.  It will take an enormous amount of talent, work, and money to vote them out of office and replace them with officials ready, willing, and able to defend our country and our Constitution.  We cannot afford to take any talent, work, and money away from that difficult effort, to run education and delegate campaigns for a “Convention of States.

Since 2014, Legislatures in 29 states adopted resolutions calling for a “Convention of States” to change our Constitution. There will be a Constitutional Convention if 2/3 (34) or just 5 more states adopt the resolution.

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  1. If they don’t follow, and are not now held accountable to the US Constitution, why do you think they would follow any new one? And, many now want a fluid document that changes at the whims of society. Haven’t we learned anything about the inherent nature of man?

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