Proposed Transgender Policy for Egg Harbor Twp Schools Should Have Been Biggest Issue In This Year’s Elections

Egg Harbor Township is a suburb of Atlantic City, NJ with a diverse population of 43,296.  Its high school has 2,366 students.

Less than a week before this year’s elections, the Board of Education of Egg Harbor Township, introduced a proposed “Transgender Student Policy”.  The Board plans to finally adopt it at its November 26 meeting, right after Thanksgiving.  A similar policy was considered and rejected in 2017.

Most parents, teachers, and students oppose it for many good reasons.  They thought the issue had been decided, and were surprised to see it back on the agenda.

The proposed policy  falsely presumes that sex is determined by a “deeply held” state of mind, rather than biology.  The truth is that boys have  Y chromosomes.  Girls don’t.  That means boys and girls have many differences in hormones and other physical and mental characteristics besides different internal and external reproductive organs.

Either God or millions of years of evolution designed men and women to do different things.  Women were to have babies.  They were to nurture them until they got big and smart enough to care for themselves.  Men were to feed and protect their women and children.

Of course, we no longer live in caves and forests.  We can now change most of those roles whenever we want.  However, men and women are still very different physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A boy who is unhappy as a boy, and who wants to be a girl has a problem.  Until a few years ago, this was diagnosed as a mental disorder.  Today, it is a “dysphoria” —  still an abnormal, unhealthy condition.  Is this any different from when a person is convinced he or she should be a cat, Spiderman, or Napoleon?

Since 1776, Americans embraced the “self-evident” truth that each of us is created equal and is endowed by our Creator with certain “unalienable rights”.   We are each entitled to believe and do what we want, as long as we do not deny those same rights to others.

Egg Harbor Township’s proposed transgender policy would deny many “unalienable rights” to other students.

The proposed policy forces girls to share bathrooms, lockers, and showers with biological men.  It forces them to compete for scholarships in all-girl sports against biological men.

It is also wide open to fraud and abuse.  Would a 15 year old boy fake identifying as a girl so he can share a shower with 15 year old girls?   Would he fake his gender identify to win a scholarship in a sport he could not win competing against other boys?

Finally, the proposed policy also ignores the rights of parents.   If a teenage boy “identifies” as a girl, he may get taxpayer funded treatments that would permanently change his life without his parents even knowing about it!

How did we get to this point?  I personally think this is yet another intended consequence of a systematic campaign of psychological warfare against America that began nearly a hundred years ago.

As with other “social justice” policies of the “progressive” Left, it raises our taxes for more lawyers, social workers, lawsuits, and sensitivity training.  That leaves less for books, computers and instruction.   It emphasizes what divides Americans rather than what we have in common.  It promotes an Old Country culture that encourages people to blame others for their unhappiness.  Students should instead be taught to embrace America’s culture and government of liberty and opportunity to apply  their own talent, skills and energy to create better lives for themselves.

At this point, it is not clear who is pushing this new policy.  Is it one or two students, their parents and some lawyers?   Is it Governor Murphy and NJEA Teacher’s Union Democrats pushing their “woke” agenda?

Either way, this is an important national and statewide political issue.   This should have been openly discussed and debated before this month’s election when all 80 of our state assembly members needed our votes.  Were Democrats like Murphy and the NJEA really that clever in keeping all this a secret until just days before the elections?   Or were Republicans also in on it?

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Seth Grossman, Executive Director

@LandP1776 Twitter

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