Randomly Killed For Being White At Miami Beach Restaurant – But Race Not Mentioned In ‘Mainstream’ Headlines.

The “mainstream” media did not report the race of the killer or the victim.  You had to search for the photos.  The Press of Atlantic City did not report this at all. Imagine the headline, and the coverage, if the races were reversed.

Last Wednesday, Dustin Wakefield, a 21 year old dad from Castle Rock, Colorado was on vacation in Miami Beach with his fiancée and one year old son. While they were having dinner at the outside patio of  this popular restaurant, Tamarius Davis, a 22 year old man from Georgia approached their table and pointed a gun at the one year old.  The gunman said “It’s time to die.” The father said “He’s just a baby” and tried to get in front of  his son.   The killer then shot the father multiple times at point blank range, killing him.  Then he danced with joy on his victim’s body.  After his arrest, the killer said he chose his  victim “at random”.  He said he did it because he had taken mushrooms and “felt empowered”.

Did the shooter, who is black, have any possible motive other than rabid hatred towards anyone who is white? The mushrooms didn’t create the hate. He used them to make the killing easier—and maybe to avoid Florida’s death penalty.  Nine hundred years ago, members of a murderous cult in Syria chewed hashish before going out to murder their enemies, usually Christians.  That cult was known as the Hashashin.  That is where we got the word “assassin”.

Sadly, this crime is becoming normal in America.  Last year, a 25 year old black man shot and killed Cannon Hinnant, the 5 year old son of his white neighbor in Wilson, North Carolina for no apparent reason.  Ten months earlier, a 24 year old black man threw a 5 year old white child off of a 3rd story balcony at the Mall of America in Minnesota.

Where is this hate coming from? The Hollywood movie “Django Unchained” is a good place to start.  It was produced by Harvey Weinstein and directed by Quentin Tarantino. It won two Academy Awards and grossed $425 million since its release on Christmas Day, 2012. The movie was widely praised and imitated by top Hollywood executives and celebrities.

“Django Unchained” is a hateful, dishonest and deadly movie.  It is like the 1915 Hollywood movie “Birth of a Nation” that revived the KKK and justified the murder of blacks. It is like the 1940 Nazi movie “Jew Suess” that justified rounding up and killing Jews.

Our “mainstream” media, schools, and colleges also distort the news they report, and history they teach. Good things done by whites, Christians, conservatives, or Republicans are rarely reported as news.  They are rarely taught as history.  Occasional rude, ignorant, or criminal conduct by anyone in those groups is national headline news or a major historical event.  Stories of robberies, beating, and killings fill local newspapers. However, the race of victims and perpetrators is no longer reported.  The rare exceptions are where the perpetrator is white, and the victim is black. Only these stories become national headline news. This “distortion of reality” makes the hateful lies of movies like “Django Unchanged” believable.

Dozens, if not hundreds of white Americans have been killed in unprovoked attacks by blacks since “Django Unchained” was released in 2012.  We need investigations into how many of their killers saw that movie, and how it affected them.


Below is a very partial and incomplete list of deadly attacks made against white Americans since the 2012 release of “Django Unchained”.  It only includes the articles that made national news.  It  does not include local stories or national stories that did not report the race of victim and perpetrator.  t does not include deadly attacks by people claiming to have killed in the name of the Prophet Mohammed.

2013:  A 34 year old black man “randomly” murders 12 whites and injures 3 more at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard.

2015:  A 41 year old black man murdered two white reporters at the TV station where he worked, and injured another on the air.

2016:  A 25 year old black man murders 5 police officers and injures 9 in Dallas.

  1. A 29 year old black man murders three police officers and injures three more in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

2017:  A 39 year old black man murdered four whites in Fresno California for being white.

2019:  A 45 year old black man kills 5 white co-workers and injures 7 others in Aurora, Illinois

2019:  A 40 year old black man kills 12 white co-workers and killed 4 others in Virginia Beach, VA.

2019:  A 24 year old black man throws 5 year old white child off third floor balcony of Mall of America in Minnesota.

2019:  A 47 year old black man and a 50 year old black women shoot and kill four whites, including a police officer in Jersey City.

2020:  A  51 year old black man kills 5 white co-workers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2020:  A 25 year old black man shoots and killed the 5 year old son of his white neighbor in Wilson, North Carolina

2020:  A 33 year black man “randomly” kills six whites, including two children in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

July 2021:  A 23 year old black man “randomly” murders three white men on a golf course near Atlanta, Georgia.

August 2021: A 22 year old black man points gun at one year old white child, and then murders 21 year old white father who begs him not shoot.

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