Roe v Wade, Abortion, Biased Media Coverage.

From the June 25, 2022 appearance of Seth Grossman on the John Demasi Radio show, WPG 1450 am.

Supreme Court overruled Roe vs. Wade yesterday. It did not make abortion illegal. It said that abortion will be regulated by each of the 50 states, rather than one Supreme Court.

Why did they do that? Because of women like Ethel Hermenau, of Galloway Township, who is on front page of today’s Atlantic City Press.

Anyone who goes to Stockton College, or who gets news from Press of Atlantic City or mainstream media never heard of Ethel Hermenau or women like her.

Ethel typical of the women who have changed how most Americans look at abortion during the past 50 years: 46,000 abortions each year in New Jersey alone, very few rape, incest, health of mother. Ultrasound technology. Women getting married later in life, more difficult to have children. Women in their 30’s who had abortions when they were younger regret their decisions.

America founded on Liberty, not Democracy.  As Abraham Lincoln said, the Sentiments of our Declaration of Independence.  We are endowed by our Creator with Unalienable rights.  Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

a.     Words of Declaration of Independence written in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution, and in Article I, Section 1 of New Jersey State Constitution.

b.     First amendment rights of free speech, religion, assembly.  Second Amendment right to bear arms.  Fourth Amendment right to privacy in our homes.

c.      But we also have the 9th Amendment.   Just because Bill of Rights mention some of your rights, doesn’t mean you don’t have them.  So that means what we do in the bedrooms of our own homes is nobody else’s business.

d.     And this is what makes abortion cases so difficult.  On the one hand, the government can’t control what you do with your own body.  But when a women gets pregnant, at some point, somebody else’s life, inside her body gets involved.

4.     The January 6 Hearings.  Thursday I got this urgent text from a Democrat friend of mine.  He said are you watching the hearings on TV.  Did you see the smoking gun?

a.     There are two points of the January 6 hearings that nobody is talking about, that we do talk about at our breakfast.

b.     Lawyer Client Privilege.   If you are my client, and you ask me for my advice, you have attorney client privilege.  It means that if I get a subpoena, and somebody orders me to testify about what you told me, I am not allowed to testify.  That is because we want people to understand the law and to follow the law, and to talk to lawyers before they do things if they don’t know the law.  So if you, John DeMasi come to me and say.  My tenant didn’t pay the rent, I want to lock his door and turn off his electricity, I say, no!

c.       The truth not told .  The most deceptive propaganda is not telling lies.  The most deadly and deceptive propaganda is telling only half the truth.  The biggest message of the January 6 hearings is that Trump lost a close election, and was looking for ways to overturn it.

d.     What they don’t tell you, is that in 2016, Obama and Hillary Clinton Democrats lost a close election, and they also did everything they could to overturn it:

                                i.      Illegally spied on Trump and his top officials.

                              ii.      Framed Trump and top officials on fake criminal charges.

                            iii.      Sponsored violent riots around the country

                            iv.      Intimidated electors into changing their votes.

If Republicans had the same hearings with the same media coverage, they would have made Obama and Hillary Clinton Democrats look just as bad as what Trump and Republicans look like.

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  1. I’ve read all the above posts and totally agree with you, Seth. I admire what you are doing and hope and pray that you keep it going. What I am surprised by is the lack of comments on your posts. The fake news media, the insane number of TV channels and streamer channels, plus, iPhones, etc., are distracting people’s attention from what is really going on in this world. November 8th can’t get here soon enough for our Nation. God Bless and watch over you and yours.

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