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The Biden Green New Deal and the Murphy New Jersey Energy plan are very similar. By 2050 both propose to forbid or greatly restrict fossil fuel use, forbid generating thermal heat and replace it with electrical heat and replace mobile liquid fuel with stored electrical energy. In simple terms it means no gas, only electricity.  The reward for this enforced transformation will be an unchanging safe and benign climate. This entire change will be done in twenty-nine years and will be easy and relatively inexpensive. Wind and solar will power this new industrial society. To do this engineering miracle by 2050 the proponents should answer the following simple questions.

#1 – Today 9.7% of US electricity comes from wind and solar. These quantities are reached by coercion by requiring wind and solar must be purchased, providing subsides and making payments of high prices. Should people be forced to buy wind and solar electricity or persuaded to buy it by providing reliable, low-cost electricity?

#2 – Wind and solar are intermittent energy sources and require battery storage as back up. This will transform the grid to solar, wind and storage battery without any method of generating power when required.

This grid configuration does not exist anywhere in the world and there is little experimental evidence it can operate successfully. Should a city be tested with this configuration and verify it works before imposing this configuration on a state or the entire country?

#3 – If wind and solar have the lowest marginal cost of any fuel, then why have the electric rates of Germany, Denmark and South Australia, the locations with the highest renewable energy penetrations, doubled and tripled? Why haven’t electric rates decreased as coal and nuclear been retired?


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  1. The State of California has a program which uses exclusively wind and solar power in the Greater San Francisco Area. The result is rolling blackouts, increased rates, and generally undependability of the service. Oftentimes with communicating with my friends in California, they have an upredictable blackout occur. When this occurs, I am forced to wait until his power comes back up. This would be disasterous in an emergency.

    I urge all the Patriots to write their Legislators and Congressmen stating the issues and urging them to vote “NO” to only wind and solar power.

    Daniel Essek
    Society for Liberty and Prosperity

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