NJ casinos can’t support candidates. But they can hire friends and family of key politicians.

The original 1978 Casino Act that politically castrated the casino industry in NJ is a big part of what killed Atlantic City.??? The people who paid 80% of the taxes had zero voice on how that money was spent.??? Politicians then forced casinos to stuff Atlantic City with low income housing that didn’t pay real estate taxes.?? Atlantic City shows what happens when there is “taxation without representation” and “representation without taxation”.?? It is just the opposite in Nevada.? Nevada casinos are very active in politics.

Although NJ law does not let casino people support the candidates of their choice, it is OK for NJ Casino Association to spend fortune on lobbyists like “Optimus Partners”.? 2016-0207-christie-debate

Atlantic County Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo (D) admitted that his proposed law declaring casinos “blighted areas” to give them 10 year tax break was written by Casino Association lobbyists. One partner is Jeff Michaels, boyhood friend of Gov. Christie (R), former legislator and chief of staff to former Acting Gov. Donald DiFrancesco (R), and brother of Port Authority Police Lt. “Chip” Michaels of George Washington Bridge mess.

Other partner is Philip Norcross, brother of South Jersey Democratic powerbroker George Norcross and state Sen. Donald Norcross (D). 2016-george-norcross

Source 2014 post:? http://www.njspotlight.com/stories/14/05/05/the-list-nj-s-top-10-lobbyists-ranked-by-receipts/

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  1. The Norcross,Christie and Sweeneys have made life in nj a miserable hell. They need to be removed indefinitely. They are crooked creeps who are full of sinister plots, greed and evil deeds.

    Sweeney and Norcross meddle in jobs and have people intentionally fired and so does Mayor David Mayer who is a middle man drug lord.

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