SJ Republicans Ignore WOKE Agenda Influence

Listen to Seth Grossman on JOHN DEMASI WPG Radio Show from March 4, 2023.

Topics covered: The creator of cancelled comic strip Dilbert, Scott Adams. Modern day Nazi propaganda. Always blame someone else. Create division and hate.

Actor Brian Cranston of Breaking Bad. Triggered by MAGA. Just like NJ Gov Phil Murphy.

Black America once had tremendous success in Atlantic City. Plenty of examples. Eleanor Roosevelt took notice. The Clifton Washington story not being told.

The South Jersey GOP needs to step up. Where are they? Dems keep pushing WOKE agenda.

Wind turbines and solar panels. Looming power failures. Expensive ‘Smart’ meters. Electric company can cut you off at anytime.

Trevor Louden event. No Vince Polistina, Don Guardian or Claire Swift. Vince bought a ticket though.

Republicans need to fight WOKE agenda. ACCC. President Barbara Gaba. Segregation. DEI is the priority for all schools. South Jersey GOP nowhere to be found.

Polistina and Casino taxes. Bail reform. Prisoner release. Republicans yawn. Do nothing.

Woke prosecutor. Sherriff as social worker.

1 thought on “SJ Republicans Ignore WOKE Agenda Influence”

  1. “SJ Republicans Ignore WOKE Agenda Influence”

    Nope… more like “SJ Republicans adopting the same WOKE Agenda Influence as Democrats”

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