Jon Corzine

Hiring public employees is no cure for unemployment

Did you notice that those on the left only denounce billionaires Charles Koch and David Koch for spending their own money to advance the conservative political causes they believe in? They have no problem with ?millionaires and billionaires? like George Soros and Jon Corzine who spend far more on progressive causes and candidates?

Weekly Update – September 30, 2012

Even a great quarterback can’t make plays without protection from his teammates. Before blaming Romney for every broken play, shouldn’t we first ask why his teammates, especially in New Jersey, are doing nothing to protect him?

Weekly Update – August 26

Egg Harbor Township paid $110,000 to settle a fee shifting lawsuit with one police officer. Nutella may pay $3.75 million legal fees to 13 customers who claimed they were victims of false claim that Nutella on toast was a ‘balanced breakfast’. Wawa paid $12,500 to settle a discrimination claim against someone who tried to bring a dog into the store even though he was not blind. (He suffered from a “seizure disorder and disassociative amnesia”.)

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