June 1 Weekly Radio Message/Talking Points: Trump Prosecution, Primary Elections, Why NJ Republicans Keep Losing, “Bolshevik” Justice In NJ, Green Energy From Lightning?, Connect The Dots Between Million Dollar WW2 Memorial In Atlantic City & $2.76 Wawa Coffee.

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Trump Prosecution and “Bolshevik”/”Revolutionary” Justice:  Nobody knows these terms because history textbooks in or high schools and colleges don’t teach anything about 1918-1920 Communist Revolution in Russia even though it was as evil as the Holocaust. Labels like “Bolshevik” and “Communist” became unpopular and out of fashion in 1960’s. And so the same people now call themselves “progressive”, “leftist” or “woke”.

In 1918, Vladimir Lenin’s socialists created a new justice system when they took control of Russia.  Russian legal expert Dmitry Dubrovsky explains it:
“Under republican systems of government, the law aims to establish basic rights and responsibilities, and create a level playing field for all citizens (although this ideal is often less than perfectly implemented in practice). But equality before the law was never even an aspiration of Soviet revolutionary jurisprudence. The Bolsheviks did not see the law as a means to adjudicate civil and business disputes, or to dispense justice blindly; they viewed it as a mechanism to implement their social and political agenda. . .  The law, along with the system’s functionaries, was expected to serve the interests of the state, or, more specifically, the party running the state.”

Click Here For Link To Full Post:  Trump Prosecution: “Bolshevik/Socialist” a/k/a “Revolutionary” Justice – Liberty and Prosperity

This also explains why none of the 94 people charged with breaking windows, looting stores, and fighting with police in Atlantic City and Trenton during the George Floyd riots of May, 2020 were punished in any way. It explains why Steven Young and the six people with him were never punished for blocking the Atlantic City Expressway during July 4 weekend this year.  It explains why the hero who protected people from that maniac on a New York subway is on trial for murder.

June Primary Election Day: This Tuesday, June 4.  Early Voting: Wed May 29 through Sunday, June 2. Pick up mail/messenger ballots from County Clerk until Monday afternoon. This is where the Republicans and Democrats pick their leaders and candidates. Only Republicans can vote in Republican Primaries. Only Democrats in Democrat Primaries. “Virgin” or “Unaffiliated” voters who never before voted in a Primary can choose their Party when they Vote.  Voters who declared themselves to be members of any other party can NOT vote in Republican or Democratic Primary Elections. To switch parties, voters must file a “Change of Party Affiliation” form by paper or online 55 days before a Primary Election.

Democrats have several contested races. Four candidates seeking nomination to run against Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew. Different factions running against each other to control city government in Pleasantville. Also County Committee to control the Democratic Party in Atlantic County.

The biggest contested race in the Republican Primary is for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Democrat Bob Menendez.  The leading candidates are Cape May Congress Hotel owner Curtis Bashaw and Morris County Mayor Christine Serrano Glassner.  Bashaw is a “Tom Kean” moderate. Glassner is a conservative.  However, Bashaw has sent out slick, oversized postcards falsely accusing Glassner of being the “progressive”.  Glassner is accused of allowing “8 straight property taxes” as mayor.  What towns in NJ did not have property tax increased during the past 8 years? Especially with the Biden inflation, new Murphy mandates, and Murphy cuts in state aid to suburban Republican town!

Why Republicans Keep Losing Winnable Elections in NJ:

  1. Politics is a team sport.  Democrats build and support their team.  They give political jobs and contracts strategically.  They reward Democrat Party candidates who lose their races, but who get votes for other team members. Eric Sheffler lost re-election as Atlantic County Sheriff.  However, he was rewarded with appointment as Executive Director of the NJ Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA)!  Republicans usually give political jobs and contracts for friends and relatives.
  2. Democrats rarely publicly trash other Democratic officials or candidates who disagree with them.  Republicans do it all the time. The dishonest postcards sent by Curtis Bashaw to trash Republican Mayor Christine Glassner are just like the lies Kim Guadagno spread about Jack Ciattarelli when they ran against each other for Governor in 2017.  The result was that Democrat Phil Murphy defeated Guadagno for Governor in 2017 and Ciattarelli in 2021!  It is like the quarterback of a football team trashing his own ends, backfield, or offensive line so he can be the star.  Then he wonders why he has nobody to protect him or pass the ball to!
  3. Democrats use early voting and mail/messenger ballots to get everyone they know to vote. They get their kids in college to vote.  They get elderly relatives in nursing homes to vote. They get neighbors and their kids and elderly relatives to vote. Most Republicans either vote only on the last possible day, or use early voting or mail/messenger ballots only for their own personal convenience.  Why did Jack Ciattarelli lose that close election in 2021?  Because he didn’t reach out to Trump?  Or because he didn’t reach out to Craig Callaway? Or the dissident Democrats in Paterson?

Mainstream News:  “U.S. Bombs Used In Deadly Attack By Israel In Gaza”:  Truth:  Israel used two 37 pound bombs on a jeep carrying two top Hamas commanders on a military mission. It was 150 yards away from a warehouse and roughly a mile away from the “Humanitarian Area” set up for refugee tents.  Unknown to Israel, there were rockets, rocket fuel and/or explosives in the jeep and the warehouse, and refugees in the warehouse. Click Here For Post With Details:  IDF says hidden store of terror munitions may have caused deadly Rafah blaze | The Times of Israel

Stop Ocean Wind Turbines With Better Arguments:  We have to make better arguments.  We can’t just say Ocean Wind is bad for beach towns because most voters don’t live in beach town. We must also explain why wind turbines are useless as a source of power, even though they produce electricity when the wind blows. Lightning also creates lots of electricity, but we can’t use any of it to power the grid.  Lightening gives us lots of electricity when we don’t need it, we don’t know where or when we will have it, and it can’t be stored.  Electricity from wind or sun is just as useless.  We need reliable, steady power from nuclear plants and clean, abundant natural gas.

Connect The Dots:  Inflation and Million Dollar World War 2 Monument In Atlantic City.  I just paid $2.76 for a cup of coffee at Wawa that was a dollar less just a year ago.  Why do we have inflation?  Three main causes:  #1. Federal government spends a trillion dollars more than it takes in every year.  It makes up the difference by printing money that has no value, and cheapens every dollar we have or earn.  #2. Government causes businesses to hire less qualified people, and spend money on things that have nothing to do with health, safety, or making the product.  This is done to promote leftist political agendas. #3. We are forced to pay extra for electricity and natural gas through hidden taxes that pay for wind turbines, solar panels and electric cars we don’t want.

Why can’t we cut spending to balance the budget?  Atlantic City’s Monument To World War 2 Hero Bernie Friedenberg is a typical example. Bernie Friedenberg was a genuine hero. He grew up in Atlantic City and volunteered for service, even though he was rejected at first for bad eyesight.  He eventually got in as a medic.  He was wounded twice. He earned two silver stars and a French medal for bravery at D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge. He returned to Atlantic City where he later owned the Fiesta Motel and the Skillo game at Kentucy and the Boardwalk. After he died in 2018, several veteran’s groups started a campaign to build a monument to Friedenberg and all World War 2 servicemen and women in Atlantic City. The original idea was to spend $250,000 from private donations.  Somehow the plan changed. The total cost became One Million Dollars.  $350,000 is from federal coronavirus relief money that was not needed for coronavirus relief.  Another $180,000 was for Casino Redevelopment Money not used for Redevelopment. We have no idea where the rest of the million dollars came from.  We need to learn from Javier Milei in Argentina.  He got elected President by carrying around a chainsaw.  He said he would do whatever it takes to balance the budget.  That is the only way to save our economy from total collapse.

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