The Law Should Apply to Illegal Aliens, not Discounted In-State Tuition Rates


There is a push by the New Jersey Legislature and Governor Chris Christie to grant illegal aliens the discounted in-state tuition rates for attending college or university. ? Our first liberty principle is “Make all laws and taxes fair and simple. Apply them equally to everyone.”? ?There are existing immigration laws and they need to be enforced. ? Rather than ignore the laws, every level of government needs to enforce our laws.

Governor Chris Christie made the following remarks before the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey:

CHRISTIE: We?re leaving them without hope that their lives will be great. I believe every child should be given the opportunity to reach their God-given potential. That?s the moral requirement. We need to work together to make sure that that happens. We need to make sure that we continue to work on the issues that will make our children believe that they have a bigger and brighter future. We need to get to work in the state legislature around things like making sure that there?s tuition equality for everyone in New Jersey.

‘Tuition equality’ are the code words for granting a discounted tuition to people who are illegally living in New Jersey. ? We should not be rewarding people for violating our laws. ? Part of living in this country involves respecting our laws. ? Our legislature should be pursuing ways to strengthen the enforcement of our laws. ?Instead, Governor Chris Christie and the state legislature are tripping over themselves in an effort to give goodies to those who disdain our laws and sovereignty.

The Pirate’s Cove?hits the nail on the head of this issue, when the remark:

Why are they paying anything? Why aren?t they simply being deported? I could go on, but you Conservatives already know these arguments, and liberals have decided that we are a ?country of Men, not of Law?.


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1 thought on “The Law Should Apply to Illegal Aliens, not Discounted In-State Tuition Rates”

  1. As reported, the Assembly Committee Substitute for Assembly Bill No. 4225 is identical to Senate Bill No. 2479(2R), as also reported by the Committee.
    The Assembly may have the third reading and vote passage on Monday Dec 16.
    Below is a draft which you are free to circulate as the last minute :

    Dear Assemblyman _ _ _ and/or Assemblywoman _ _ _:

    I hereby request that as my Assemblyman and Assemblywoman, that you VOTE AGAINST S2479 / A 4225 / A3509 OR ANY VERSION OF LEGISLATION which allows illegal alien students to qualify for in-State tuition, tuition subsidy, or State financial aid at public institutions of higher education.

    How can any NJ legislator even think about spending scarce state funds to subsidize illegal aliens?

    What right do they have to use NJ resident taxpayer money to pay any portion of some illegal’s education?

    It seems logical that NJ legislators who wouild even consider such a tuition bill, are supporting tuition payments for criminals, regardless whether these alien students are illegal aliens, or children of illegal aliens who did not take advantage of amnesty periods which occurred during the lifetime of these students, or, did not apply for legal citizenship.

    I resent that we are being turned into the United States of Amexico buy some whom we elect, and once elected, they then display such disdain for Americans by voting to grant privileges of citizens to non-citizens. Regardless of any steps, if any, “in process” to becoming citizens, they are not yet citizens and I resent that any legislation might grant them any privileges of citizenship.

    It is FURTHER INSULT that we cater to these people by printing instructions, directions, and labels in their language, while they mumble under their breath to each other right in front of us; yet when you go down the “ethnic” aisle in the stupidmarket, there isn’t any English on their “ethnic” foods.

    I trust that you, as my elected legislative representatives, will always respect and adhere to the same principles which have applied to citizenship for generations who crossed oceans to seek citizenship, and not to disregard these principle to favor those generations who illegally crossed our borders and did not seek citizenship, or have not fulfilled the requirements to qualify for citizenship.

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