The New Jersey Coast

The underlying assumption of the Murphy Energy Plan is if New Jersey residents impoverish themselves by living in a pre-industrial, green society the sea level and temperature rise will stop, (climate change) and the joys of Camelot will return.  Believe what you want, reality will do what it wants and humans will adapt or disappear.

The following two articles briefly touch on the rising seas but is mainly financial, it describes an attempted financial grab to maintain the Jersey coast for some people. You may or may not agree with the author’s observations and conclusions but he brings up some interesting points on who and how to pay to maintain the New Jersey coast line.

Read through the article’s comments, they provide many additional facts and differing opinions. The author provides answers to several questions and observations, you may or may not agree, but it is not the usual narrative response which is just agree.


Sea Level and the Jersey Shore

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