The “Progressive” Left Is Also Hijacking America’s Churches

Last week I wrote how as one Jewish individual, I am working against anti-Israel, anti-America “progressive” leftists in the online World Zionist Organization (WZO) elections during the next two months.  Since then, several Christian friends told me of similar battles going on within their churches.

Here are excerpts of some articles they brought to my attention:

Liberals May Win Control of Largest U.S. Protestant Denomination.  Alex Newman June 5, 2018: 

“The Southern Baptist Convention, America’s largest protestant denomination and a historically conservative wing of the Christian church in the United States, is on the verge of falling to organized “progressive” social-justice forces and anti-Trump activists, according to media reports and insiders involved in the battle. One leading opponent of the scheme has even blasted what he described as the “Evangelical Deep State” working to infect the church with unbiblical ideologies.

“The goals of these forces, dubbed “neo-Marxist” by some critics, include softening and eventually quashing Christian opposition to homosexuality, normalizing gender confusion in the church, promoting left-wing politics at all levels of government, fueling constant obsession and angst over race and gender, facilitating mass Islamic migration into the United States, and much more.

“Most rank-and-file Southern Baptists remain oblivious to what is happening, insiders said. But the implications for the church, the culture, the nation, and politics could be earth-shattering.

“Still, the battle is not over. Critics of the controversial progressive effort to take over the SBC are fighting back. . .

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“REVOICE” and the “(&) CAMPAIGN” – Is Never Trump Billionaire Paul Singer Putting His Money into the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention)?  By Rev. Thomas Littleton Jan 6, 2020

“Nate Collins has gone beyond his LGBTQ activism to also become an outspoken advocate for the “SBC WOKE” movement.  He now often promotes the writings of Jemar Tisby and others in the CRT (Critical Race Theory)* explosion in The Gospel Coalition and Southern Baptist Convention circles.

“Now both Collins and “Revoice” leader Preston Sprinkle are working to promote the radical Obama Foundation led “(&) Campaign” (ANDCampaign) . The “(&) Campaign” is not only a push for compromise by the church on LGBTQ and Religious Liberty but is a top down Democratic Party/Obama Foundation political operation for the 2020 election.  It is also and part of the broader effort to detract from evangelical support of the Trump re-election . . .”

Click here for more on the radical roots of & Campaign and its DEEP STATE infiltration of the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) and NAMB (North American Mission Board)/Send Network. 

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*First of all, let’s make sure that we all know what Critical Race Theory is: by Geri Ungurian

“In a nutshell:

“This ‘Theory’ basically concludes that racism is inherent to white skinned  people and therefore whites need to repent for being born “racist” and are more privileged just because they are white.  This is rooted in Marxism. This is classic of promoting division and hatred between the races.  Can you say Obama??

“Intersectionality believes that anything said by a white person (therefore inherently racist) can be traced back to their racism.  In doing this, groups of people are silenced and the points they are attempting to make are cut off. This is also rooted in Marxism, and hallmark of the teachings of Saul Alinsky in “Rules for Radicals.”

“Brethren, do you see that the premise of these teachings are the complete opposite of what Dr. Martin Luther King said in his “I have a dream” speech?:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

“I ask the reader this:  Should King’s words not also apply to white skinned persons?  If we are to implement CRT (Critical Race Theory) then we are indeed judging men and women by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character.  Brethren, this is Racism in reverse. . . ”

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Enemies Within The Church:  By Trevor Loudon, August 2, 2019. 

“Enemies Within The Church” is an educational, historical, and evidence-based movie experience.  It provokes a passionate return to orthodox Christian faithfulness across the western world. As is necessary for such a wonderful turn toward Christ, the movie heralds a clarion call for Christians to turn away from popular, yet errant beliefs held in contradiction to carefully interpreted Holy Scriptures. But Enemies Within: The Church is much more than a mere movie. It is also an invitation for believers to employ a proven Biblical recipe capable of producing restored strength and blessing for all who answer.

“Specifically, the movie encourages the Church to cleanse itself from contamination imposed by cultural Marxism and a heretical teaching known as “The Social Justice Gospel.” By hearing the exchanges between the movie’s host and experts interviewed around the world, viewers are provided with a bright light shining upon truths formerly hidden behind the white noise of shallow pop-culture. In the end, the audience is pointed toward a hope-filled and practical action plan that produces solutions found only in and through the royal Law of Christ.

“The movie elucidates the fact that every single problem faced by western civilization is, ultimately, a theological problem, and every solution to every problem is a theological absolute.It answers the question: “What happened to living, powerful, transformative, nation-shaking Christianity?”

“The documentary reminds its audience that during the twentieth century, the twin evils of communism and fascism were responsible for the slaughter of nearly 200 million people. Both forces attempted (and were often successful) to co-opt Christianity to serve their goals.Filmmakers Judd Saul, Trevor Loudon, Curtis Bowers, and movie host, Pastor Cary Gordon, of Cornerstone World Outreach in Sioux City, Iowa, show that the Marxists are still actively and successfully pursuing this goal in a church near you at this very moment. . . ”

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