Thomas Sowell: White Liberal Support of Black Redneck Culture Holding Blacks Back Since 1960s

While preparing WPGG radio interview to explain meaning of #woke this morning, I came across this gem by #ThomasSowell from 2013. @landp1776 Thomas #Sowell on #Black #Redneck Culture. 

Here Sowell explains the destructive “Black Redneck” subculture, and how it, not slavery 150 years ago, is what is holding back black Americans.  He points out how white liberal intellectuals have been glorifying and funding this evil subculture since the 1960’s, and how it is destroying America.  Here are the highlights:

0:12:  Materially, black kids today growing up have it much better than say, Ben Carson growing up.  Certainly black kids growing up today have a higher standard of living than I did growing up.

0:30: The difference is that the schools were good when I was growing up.  The schools in New York City were exceptionally good. Kids growing up in the same place where I lived will not get that same education.  That can be blamed on somebody.  But it has very little to do with something that happened 100 to 200 years ago.

1:48:  In your book Intellectuals and Race, you quote the study made by IQ expert, Professor James Flynn, on the offspring of black soldiers stationed in Germany after World War II.  He found that there was no difference in IQ at all between black children and white children growing up there.

2:25:  Professor Flynn concluded that the reason was that the offspring of black soldiers in Germany grew up in a nation with no black subculture.  Intellectuals and Race, Thomas Sowell.

2:52:  Those black kids in Germany did not grow up with the same black culture you have in America today.  There was no “Gangsta Rap”.  There is something in black culture in America today that is holding African Americans back.  I went into that very topic in my other book Black Rednecks and White Liberals.

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