Will Smith’s Slap And Thomas Sowell on “Black Redneck Culture”.

Why did Will Smith walk forward and physically attack comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars last week?  Why didn’t he express his disapproval non-violently by putting his arm around his wife, standing up, and walking out of the hall?

Why did black men like George Floyd in Minneapolis,  Michael Johnson in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York fight armed police who tried to arrest them?  Why did Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, and Travon Martin in Florida  attack men with guns who had not put them in danger?  If they were right, why didn’t they wait to present their case in a courtroom?  Why are roughly 9,000 black Americans violently killed by mostly other black Americans every year?

Back in 2005, Thomas Sowell published a book Black Rednecks and White Liberals that explains this.  It describes how many American blacks today embrace a culture that is impulsive, reckless, violent, and destructive.  At first, many black leaders and white liberals called it black, ghetto, or inner-city street culture.  Now they often call it “woke” culture.

Is increased violence at school sports by parents as well as athletes and students another sign of out of control “redneck” culture?  Photo from NJ.com on March 30, 2022.

On Sunday, April 3, 2022, the day I wrote this article, five black eighth grade students attacked and beat a referee at a church basketball game in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.  They repeatedly kicked him while he was on the ground “like gangsters in a scene from Goodfellas”.  He required 30 stitches.  Click here for NYPost.com article with video.  

It is a culture where both men and women are expected to hate and physically attack anyone who offends or “disrespects” them in any way.  It is a reckless culture that has little regard for thinking, planning, training, schooling, discipline, saving, or thrift.  It is a culture of emotion and impulse.  It approves drinking, drugs, and random sex to feel good quick, regardless of consequences.  It encourages crime, gambling, aggressive sports, and various hustles to get rich quick.

However,  there is nothing black or racial about this culture. In the 1700’s, Philadelphia Quakers complained about this behavior by white Scotch-Irish along the Pennsylvania frontier.  This is the culture that produced senseless duels over honor that killed Alexander Hamilton and Stephen Decatur.  And “hillybilly” feuds between Hatfields and McCoys.

This reckless, irresponsible Scotch-Irish frontier culture became more toxic among whites who settled in the South.  There cotton, slaves, and easy credit let many of them make huge fortunes without education, thrift, or planning. There, they routinely used force and violence to have absolute control over their black slaves, including the women.  This produced the “redneck culture” that dominated and held back large areas of the South for more than a hundred years.

American blacks were saturated in it.  Roughly 90% of black Americans lived in the South until the Civil War.  When half of those blacks went North to escape during the Great Migration from 1877 to 1930, many took that culture with them.

While many southern blacks embraced it, most rejected it.  Until the 1960’s, most black Americans were raised by two parents, got good public school educations, learned skills, and held productive jobs.  Most avoided crime and violence.

According to Sowell, the problem was reaching and correcting the minority of black Americans who were held back by that “redneck culture”.

Sowell used our military as the model.  While average IQ’s of black children were lower than those of white children in most of America, there was no gap at all between white and black children of American servicemen stationed in Germany.  That was because there was no “black redneck culture” holding back black children down there.

Sowell also noted that during World War I, black soldiers from northern states outperformed white soldiers from “redneck” areas of the South in standardized mental aptitude tests.  Here, “redneck culture” was holding back Southern whites.  Sowell also pointed out that black immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean routinely outperform American blacks academically.  Finally, Sowell observed that very few black families with two parents are in poverty.  Culture, not race or racism, explained disparities between blacks and whites in America today.

However, America’s best and brightest never addressed s this problem.  They instead make it worse.

Since the 1960’s, Hollywood TV and pop culture praised and glorified it with songs, literature, and countless movies like Warren Beatty’s “Bulworth”.  Public schools, colleges, and libraries institutionalized it with “black pride”, “diversity”, and “multi-cultural” programs, courses, and events.  Government agencies and corporations rewarded it with cash rewards and top jobs, scholarships, and contracts given to lesser qualified applicants based only on race.  Countless government welfare programs gave generous payments for food, housing, and medical care to blacks who embrace the “redneck culture” while punishing those blacks who pursue traditional American paths to success.

According to Thomas Sowell, “Centuries of slavery, and generations of Jim Crow, did not destroy the Black family. But one generation of the welfare state did.”

In 1965, roughly 25% of black children, and about 10% of white children were raised in one parent homes.  Today, more than 70% of black children and 35% of white children are raised in such homes.

Will Smith is a success and role model by almost every standard.  Yet while on a worldwide stage, he chose physical violence to express his unhappiness with words that did not put him or his wife in any physical danger.

This should wake us all up to how the “black redneck” culture is destroying America, and how many white liberals and black leaders are building careers on it.

We are running out of time to demand change.  We must immediately stop glorifying, excusing, and enabling it.  We must immediately end the failed welfare programs.  We must again use objective, color-blind standards of talent, achievement, and skills for all college admissions, scholarships, hiring, and contracts.

This will be a long and bitter struggle.  In 2017, Amy Wax was a respected tenured law professor at the University of Pennsylvania.  All that changed when she openly spoke about these common sense observations.  In particular, she said that any American of any race could be economically and socially successful simply by finishing high school, and getting a job and married before having children.  For that, she was condemned by college administrators, colleagues, and students as a “racist”, “white supremacist”, “xenophobe”.  She was stripped of most of her teaching assignments and threatened with termination.

If we are to save America, we must be willing to face the same vicious attacks, and  join her in this struggle.

Also, Click Here for Post And Thomas Sowell Video on “Black Rednecks And White Liberals“.

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