Weather versus Climate

More frequent extreme rains in NJ, trend will continue with climate change, studies find


Here is more confusion between climate and weather.  Climate is defined as data measured every thirty years. Therefore, the first valid climate data point available is 1991 not 1999. Weather is measured in a shorter time frame. Since the data time frame is twenty-two (22) years, this report is a weather comparison, not climate.

Why is the rain fall in 1999 or even 1991 considered to be a valid baseline? The impending climate change catastrophe is allegedly caused by carbon dioxide so a baseline of rainfall from, at least, 1900 should be used because little carbon dioxide was emitted at that time.

What is the accuracy of predictions by the Northeast Regional Climate Center?  Their website has tons of data and beautiful graphics but how accurate are their predictions? Without a documented and transparent history of accurate predictions, this report is nothing more than guesses.

Why is every variation in weather considered to be a catastrophic climate change? Why are only catastrophic predictions believed?


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