Weekly Update – June 10, 2012


1.? Teach-In on the ignorance, dishonesty, tyranny, and corruption of the Wind Energy racket.?? This Friday, June 15, 2012 at 12 Noon on the Ocean City (NJ) Boardwalk at 10th Street.??? The Sierra Club and other ?watermelon? (green on the outside?red on the inside) groups are holding ?a ?community kite-flying event? for ?Global Wind Day?.??? They are pushing for even? higher taxes and electric bills to build ridiculously expensive and inefficient wind turbines in the ocean.? Help us teach the truth about Wind Energy.?? We are working closely with Steve Lonegan of Americans for Prosperity and Brenda Roames of the Greenwich Tea Party Patriots group of Cumberland and Salem Counties.

2.? We want to teach the truth.?? Can you join us on the Ocean City Boardwalk this Friday at noon???? We need at least 20 people to (a) distribute literature, (b) display signs like ?Enough Green Tyranny?, ?Wind Energy = High Electric Bills?,? ?Veto RGGI Now!?,? (c) display our symbolic wooden pikes draped with red liberty caps.?? Can you make a sign????? Can you get a 4 foot to? 6 foot pole (from any lumber store) along with a red? ?liberty? cap?? (A Santa?s elf hat from any dollar store with the white trim cut off works fine).?? Can you help us design and lay out a simple flyer if we supply the copy??? Doug Stroz will be co-ordinating this project for Liberty and Prosperity.?? If you can help in any way, please contact him directly at stroz4@comcast.net.?? If you have trouble reaching him, contact? Seth Grossman at 609-927-7333 or at sethgrossman49@gmail.com.?? (And tell Norman and his Left Turn at the Current/Gazette that we are not being paid by the Koch brothers!)

3.? ??Liberty Movie, this Wednesday, June 13th at 6:00pm at the Shore Diner 6710 Tilton Road in Egg Harbor Township.??? ?I want Your Money”.?? This 90? minute movie is entertaining, funny, interesting, accurate, and informative.?? Filmmaker Ray Griggs engages his viewers by utilizing captivating interviews with some of today’s best known stalwarts of America’s conservative movement – including Newt Gingrich, Steve Forbes, Mike Huckabee and more. Follow him along this highly entertaining, educational, and informative fast-paced journey of interviews, historic video, thought provoking diagrams and charts and comedic animation as “I Want Your Money” explains in plainest terms the choice we have between “Reaganomics” and “Obamanomics”? (Go to http://www.libertyandprosperity.org for trailer.)

4.?? This Wednesday?s Liberty Movie is the perfect way to start the de-programming process for any young person who brainwashed in by years of pop-culture, and? public school and college indoctrination.??? ?I Want Your Money? was recommended by 66% of audience reviews on movie review websites like http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/i_want_your_money/.? Admission is free, but donations are encouraged.??? Why not come at 5PM for a great Early Bird special at the Shore Diner before the movie?

5.?? Big victory in Wisconsin!??? Governor Scott Walker won big in the recall election by making the hard choices that our Republican Governor Chris Christie refused to do in New? Jersey.?? That is why things in Wisconsin are getting better, while things in New Jersey are still getting worse.??? Did you notice the biased national news coverage of the Wisconsin election???? CNN? reported that its exit polls showed a 50-50 tie for Walker, and a 7 point lead for Obama.?? But when the actual vote totals showed a big victory for Walker?which made the exit poll worthless?CNN still reported strong support for Obama!?? Did you notice that when Yahoo news posted this CNN story, it showed a photo of a polling place in a public school gym in Wisconsin that contained a giant campaign poster for Obama?

6.?? For details on incredibly biased news coverage from Wisconsin, go to http://www.rightsidenews.com/2012060716385/editorial/rsn-pick-of-the-day/the-eye-popping-wisconsin-story-you-didnt-read.html.

7.?? Big Primary Election Victory in Northfield.? John Travagline crushed established Republican councilman Steve Vain to win the Republican nomination for Second Ward City Council by a margin of 300 votes to 195 votes..?? He will face Democrat Debbi Ranger Doherty who received 99 votes in the Democrat primary.? In 2010, popular conservative Steve Wynne ran as an independent for Northfield Council.?? We warned him that it is almost impossible for independents to get elected in November party elections.??? Wynn learned from that experience and helped Lisa Brown and Jim O?Neill run in the June primary elections of 2011.?? Both Brown and O?Neill upset the Republican incumbents in the June primary, and then defeated the Democrats in November.??? If Travagline wins in November, ?Tea Party? conservatives will hold 3 of the 7 Northfield council seats.??? They may form a majority with conservative Democratic councilman Frank Perri who often voted with Brown and O?Neill during the past year.

The three established Republicans who were removed from office during the past two years were heavily backed by Democrat labor unions.?? Are Tea Party conservatives in Atlantic County ready to? do the same? thing in other towns, and? run candidates for freeholder and Assembly in the June primary elections next year?

8.?? Governor Christie Town Hall Meeting in Galloway Township:? Gov. Chris Christie is coming to Galloway Township next Wednesday, June 13, the Governor’s Office announced Wednesday afternoon, June 6. Christie will hold a town hall meeting at the Galloway Township Middle School gymnasium. Doors for the meeting will open at 1:45 p.m., and seating is on a first come, first serve basis, the Governor’s Office said.

9? If you are going to the Governor?s Meeting, why not ask him one of these questions:??? Why aren?t you publicly speaking against the bill passed by Democrats last month to put NJ back in RGGI, and why didn?t you veto the bill yet???? Why are you proposing to borrow more money to fix highways and balance the budget without voter approval in violation of Article 8 of the State Constitution????? Why won?t you overrule the plan by the Parkway-Turnpike Authority to eliminate free Parkway access to Jim Leeds Road?

10.??? Results of? June 9 Business Meeting:?? Marissa Mahon of Northfield,? and Eileen Wood and Doug Stroz of Egg Harbor Township were nominated to three year terms of the Board of Directors beginning in 2012.?? We regretfully accept the decision of? Mel ?Nate? Nathanson not to serve on the Board for another term.??? Nate was instrumental in bringing Liberty and Prosperity into the Big Leagues by participating in public events, soliciting major donations to our? fundraising events, and promoting our organization on talk radio.?? We will miss him, and hope is can rejoin us soon.???? Roger Stabile of? Galloway was nominated to be a full voting member, and we hope he will also soon become a Board Member.

11.? Other Business:?? Last Saturday, we agreed to request ideas for a new slogan and logo for Liberty and Prosperity, and to pay a $50 stipend for the best ?camera ready? suggestion.??? There was a consensus that the new logo be simple, and ?in someway depict a red liberty cap draped over a ?liberty pole?.?? There was also a consensus that the new slogan be something like ?LibertyAndProsperity.org ? Just voting is not nearly enough?.??? However, there was no agreement on the exact language.??? We would like to know your opinions before we decide in July.

12.? July 4 Parade in Galloway Township.? We will be marching in that parade which begins at 9AM in the shopping center parking lot on Smithville Blvd.??? We must assemble there by 8:30.?? We again agreed to hire up to three drummers for this event.?? You must be fit enough to march and carry a flag or a six foot wooden pike draped with a red liberty cap.??? We need at least 24 participants to make an effective presentation.? Can you join us?? If so, contact Seth Grossman at sethgrossman49@gmail.com.

13.?? We are spending too much money!??? We need another summer fundraising event this year, and a successful Richard Somers Day event in September to maintain our current level of activity.??? Do you know anyone with a nice beach house who can host a ?high-roller? fundraising even in July or August???? Can you help us with our Richard Somers day event in Somers Point in September??? Again, please contact Seth Grossman at sethgrossman49@gmail.com.

14.?? Become a full voting member of LibertyAndProsperity.org!??? Dues are $60 per year, attend 3 business meetings each year, and work on at least one volunteer project each year.??? Or be a non-voting supporting member for just $30 per year, with no other ?commitment.

15.?? Please preview Seth Grossman?s proposed column for the Current and Gazette newspapers and give him your corrections, criticisms, and suggestions as sethgrossman49@gmail.com.

For years, American conservatives like me have been telling environmental extremists like Christine Guhl of the Sierra Club, Matt Blake of the American Littoral Society, and Rick Dovey of the taxpayer funded Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) to go fly a kite.

At 12 noon on this Friday, June 15, they will actually do it.?? The Sierra Club is sponsoring a ?community kite flying event? at 10th Street and the Boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ to celebrate ?Global Wind Day?.
Global Wind Day was set up by leftists in Europe several years ago to promote higher taxes and electric bills to pay for enough inefficient and unreliable wind turbines to produce about ten percent of our electricity.? (Now,? NJ is at less than one percent.)?? Global Wind Day is not celebrated in China, India, or Brazil, where new oil and coal power plants are built every week to power the factories that produce all the things it is now too expensive to make here in the United States.

The Sierra Club is also lobbying Republican Governor Chris Christie not to veto the bill passed by Democrats in the Legislature last month, that would bring the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) back to New Jersey.
RGGI is a complicated and expensive hidden tax on every electric company, factory, and casino ?for a multi-million dollar slush fund, which is then dished out by politicians to their friends with ?green energy? companies like Solyndra and environmental organizations like the Sierra Club, the Littoral Society, and the ACUA.

Many conservatives, including members of LIBERTYandPROSPERITY.org, also plan to be in Ocean City this Friday.? We want to teach how ignorant, dishonest, tyrannical, and corrupt the wind energy racket has become.
First we want to remind them that global warming and climate change did not begin with capitalism, coal burning generators, and gasoline powered cars.?? Anyone who looks at a lump ?of Pennsylvania coal will quickly see images of ?tropical plants?proving that most of the Pennsylvania was once a tropical rainforest. ???Anyone with basic knowledge of geology quickly recognize out-of-place? rocks in the Poconos?and our unique New Jersey beach sand?as evidence of giant sheets of ice that covered most of New Jersey some ten thousand years ago?and then melted with when the most recent period of global warming began.

Second, we will point out some of? the lies and half-truths on the ?Wind Farm Fact Sheet posted at the www.acua.com web site.??? The ACUA claims what its wind turbines are ?capable of producing?.?? But it avoids stating what those turbines actually produced during the past six years.??? On the hottest days when electricity is needed the most, there is no wind, and the $12.5 million turbines produce nothing.?? When the wind blows too hard, the turbines must be shut down, and also produce nothing.???? I recall many hot summer days stuck in my sailboat in the ocean without a bit of wind–and watching the motionless ACUA wind turbines in the distance. (Until I cranked up my tiny gas engine and motored home).
The ACUA ?estimates? that its wind turbines ?will? save roughly 12,000 barrels of crude oil per year.?? But the truth is that the ACUA wind turbines saved little if any coal or oil from being burned during the past six years.?? Wind power is so unreliable, that coal and oil generators must be ready to pour electric current into the grid every time the wind dies down for a moment.?? So coal and oil generators must stay ??fired up? and burning fossil fuels even when the wind turbines are moving.

It is true that the ACUA saved $2.9 million on its electric bill during the past six years.?? But that is because state laws pushed through by both Republicans and Democrats forced every customer of Atlantic City Electric to pay the private investors who own the ACUA wind turbines, roughly $600 every time they generated $60 worth of electricity.

Because of this (and other scams of the NJ Board of Public Utilities), New Jersey has the fourth highest electric rates in the country.??? That is why our electric bills keep going up even though the cost of abundant natural gas from Pennsylvania keeps going down.?? And why businesses like Wheaton, Lennox China, and Ocean Spray leave NJ.

Please help us teach the truth about wind energy this Friday, June 15, ?at 12 noon in Ocean City.?? Meet us at libertyandprosperity.org or contact me by phone or email.

609.927.7333 – sethgrossman49@gmail.com

1 thought on “Weekly Update – June 10, 2012”

  1. Dear L&P,

    Talk about lies and half-truths! Here are some corrections for your very biased tirade against wind energy:

    1) “Global Wind Day is not celebrated in China, India, or Brazil, where new oil and coal power plants are built every week…” Are you seriously employing these countries as role models or guides for energy use and environmental policy???

    2) “Anyone who looks at a lump of Pennsylvania coal will quickly see images of tropical plants?proving that most of the Pennsylvania was once a tropical rainforest.” LOL! I can only guess that you are using Pennsylvania coal as proof that global warming is a natural phenomena, but all you are doing is displaying a shocking ignorance that rivals a child’s understanding of the natural world. Coal was created by plants that lived 300 million years ago, when the configuration of continents was far, far different than today. To try and draw an analogy or compare Pennsylvania’s climate at that time to the present would be funny in an endearing way were it not for the fact that you are using this to further your own political agenda.

    3) “Anyone with basic knowledge of geology quickly recognize out-of-place rocks in the Poconos?and our unique New Jersey beach sand?as evidence of giant sheets of ice that covered most of New Jersey some ten thousand years ago?and then melted with when the most recent period of global warming began.” And, anyone with basic knowledge of climate history would know that the present period of interglacial warming should be coming to an end and the planet should actually be getting cooler, but instead the last 40 years has shown a steep spike in global temperature. Are you saying we should override the planet?s natural cycle and perform uncontrolled terra-forming??

    4) ?I recall many hot summer days stuck in my sailboat in the ocean without a bit of wind?and watching the motionless ACUA wind turbines in the distance.? You are a pretty poor sailor or you are just plain lying. Any wind turbine project requires years of wind measurements as part of the planning phase. Any Jersey shore resident knows about the summer on-shore wind phenomenon. During hot summer days, the mainland heats up and the air above it rises, creating low pressure (a partial vacuum) that is filled by cooler air rushing in off the ocean. Come on, don?t even try to pass this BS off on us.

    Overall why do you have it in for environmental causes, especially to the level of name-calling and lying? Of course new technology and initiatives are going to require help from public funding because at the start they are not fully developed and may not be very efficient or cost effective, and such ventures may be risky with small margins. But, does this mean we as a society should totally eschew them, and wait until it is too late? Ever hear that it is better to pro-active than reactive? Are you really espousing a policy of fossil fuel dependency with no alternatives? Look, everyone knows that coal can produce relatively clean electricity, BUT IT DOESN?T HAPPEN because the industry puts intense pressure on legislators to kill emissions restrictions. A perfect example of the big business/policy maker partnership that you conservatives excel at right there.

    Why don?t you stop wasting energy (pun fully intended) going after environmental platforms and use it more wisely by going after authentic and blatant Waste, Fraud, and Abuse issues. Anyone up for some GSP tree cutting or fence building? How about some Revel Casino tax relief?

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