Weekly Update – Movie this Wednesday–Are we in as much danger as in 1941? And for same reasons? Preview of Grossman column.



2.?? On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor without warning.??? America then declared war on Japan.??? America did not go to war against Germany until four days later.?? On that day, Germany declared war on the United States without warning.

3.?? Why did both Japan and Germany go to war against the United States without any warning?? What did they hope to gain???? Hitler himself said in his speech on December 11, 1941 that Roosevelt?s New Deal had ruined the U.S. economy and put the government so deeply into debt that Americans would blame him for starting the war to divert public attention from his failures.?? Neither Germany nor Japan thought America was strong enough to defend itself.

4.?? Hitler and the Japanese leaders were wrong in 1941.?? But what about today???? Do they think we are so weak, broke, and divided today that we could not even handle a bad storm??? If we are attacked again, will America quickly rebuild our economy and become strong again like in 1941?
5.? REGULAR BREAKFAST DISCUSSION? next Saturday, December 15 from 9:30AM to 10:30 AM.??? Regular live, two way talk radio on 92.1 FM (Vineland) heard in most of South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Wilmington, Saturday from 8AM to 9AM? Seth Grossman will host this week.? .?? Seth Grossman will also be a guest this Monday, December 17 from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM on 1020AM, WIBG.

6.?? ?Atlantic City government sold $90 million in debt, but it had to increase the interest rate on parts of the offering to entice some investors. . . Atlantic City also? added bond insurance on some parts of the sale and shrunk the size of the deal by about $5 million. . . ???? Wall Street Journal, 12/6/2012.?? Complete story at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323501404578161570116289306.html?mod=googlenews_wsj.???? The bonds will become due in gten years.??? If the Revel and several other casinos close, how many tax hikes will be needed for the remaining property owners be ?pay that money back?

7.?? Not happy that Republican House Speaker John Boehner and our Representative Frank LoBiondo are not saying anything about spending cuts to end the trillion dollar a year federal deficit???? Who will lend our government more money if we continue to borrow 42 cents for every dollar we spend?

8.? Which are worse, Democrats who attack us, or Republicans who refuse to defend us? ???Next year, there will be statewide elections in only two states?Virginia and New Jersey.??? Governor Christie, all 40 state senators, all 80 state assembly members, and all 42 members of the State Committee that runs the New Jersey Republican Party will be up for election.

9.??? The only way to change the Republican party is either persuade Republican leaders to nominate conservatives for public office and state and party committees– Or?defeat the “anointed”?officials in the Primary Election on June 4 of next year.?????? But we can’t defeat anybody with nobody!?? The other side has no trouble finding candidates because they can promise financial support to help them win–and often jobs or other favors if they lose.??? Conservative gain nothing for themselves, but only “liberty and justice for all” if they win.??? And they get nothing but if they lose.??? But when you think of the great sacrifices others made to bring liberty to this country, you should think about becoming a candidate.??? If you want to be a candidate for any office, remember:
a.? Primary Election Day is June 4.
b.? Your nominating petition must be filed by April 1.
c.?? You must start attending club meetings throughout your district now, and attend all possible meetings starting in January.
d.? You must get training.?? The NJEA and AFL-CIO have special training sessions for their members who run.?? If you want to be a candidate, we can put you in touch with some very effective instructors.
e.?? You must put together your campaign organization and plan your campaign now.
LibertyAndProsperity.org is not a political organization and we do not get involved in election campaigns.?? However, we can teach you how to run a campaign.?? If interested, come to a breakfast discussion any Saturday morning at 9:30 at the Shore Diner, Fire and Tilton Roads in Egg Harbor Township.

11.? Seth Grossman?s draft column for the Current and Gazette newspapers:?? Progressives are taking us back to the Middle Ages.?? Please send your comments, suggestions and corrections to sethgrossman49@gmail.com.
About 130 years ago, Professor Woodrow Wilson started teaching a new doctrine at Princeton University.??? It was the foundation of the ?Progressive? movement in the United States.
Wilson taught that the basic principles of liberty in our Declaration of Independence and U.S. and NJ Constitutions were obsolete and unfair.??? It was wrong for every citizen have ?certain unalienable rights? because modern society was too complicated for ordinary citizens to make the most important decisions concerning their own lives.?? And most people?? were too selfish to do what was best for the ?common good?.
When Wilson became New Jersey Governor in 1910, ?his ?agents arrested bar owners who sold liquor in Atlantic City on Sundays.?? He did not think ordinary workers could decide how to properly enjoy their days off. ?Ten years later, Wilson?s ?progressives? made it a crime to sell liquor on any day, anywhere in the United States.?? This quickly created much bigger problems with government corruption, organized crime?and expensive new government agencies and prisons to fix these new problems.
Today, ?progressives ? make government expensive and complicated.? They hire ?experts? who force us to burn corn for fuel in our cars?and more experts to run a food stamp program when food gets too expensive.?? They triple our electric bills? to pay for windmills and solar panels?and then charge ?a ?societal benefits fee? to pay for those who can?t afford the higher rates.? ?Progressives force colleges to raise tuitions for expensive new programs–and then ?help? students with big student loans they can?t afford.?? Progressive force health insurance companies to raise prices to cover things like sex-change operations?and then give us ObamaCare when most people can?t afford those policies.
When Democrats are in control, they give us lots of those new ?progressive? laws that increase government spending, taxes, and debt.??? When Republicans are in control,? they never roll back what the Democrats did.?? They instead brag how they ?reach across the aisle? and ?meet Democrats halfway? to give us? bi-partisan ?progressive? programs.
So where have ?Progressives? taken America since Woodrow Wilson became President? in 1913??? They took us backwards!??? Right back ?to the old European culture of the Middle Ages that our ancestors ran away.
Our parents and grandparents came to an ?America of unlimited opportunity.?? Where almost anyone could work and save enough to buy his or her own farm or business.??? Laws simple, fair, and applied equally, so they did not need expensive lawyers, bribes, or political connections to get started.? Low taxes and costs let poor people keep most of what they earned so they could invest and get rich.
Today?s ?progressive? laws and tax codes are so complicated that only big corporations and people who are already rich can afford the lawyers,? lobbyists, and political contributions to get permits and stay in business.
And ?progressive? tax codes with high rates and thousands of pages of exceptions and loopholes let ?millionaires and billionaires? like Jon Corzine, Al Gore, the Kennedy?s, etc. keep the fortunes and political power they already have.
But they make it almost impossible for anyone other than a handful of athletes, celebrities, criminal, an lottery winners to become? rich in without having rich or influential parents?just like inOld Europe.
Even modest middle class jobs in today?s ?progressive? America are like the hereditary entitlements of the lesser nobility in Old Europe.?? Most well-paid jobs like public school teacher, police officer, ?fireman, or union construction worker are directly or indirectly paid by with taxes the rest of us are forced to pay.??? They are hard to get without a friend or relative in the palace?just like in the Middle Ages.
Before the ?progressives? took America backwads, ?young people in America were encouraged to experiment, innovate, and think for themselves.??? They were taught to be like the Wright Brothers?bicycle mechanics who built the first airplane out of spare parts in their garage.
Can solar panels or windmills produce reliable electricity??? How many high school science teachers today have their students build them and hook them up to toasters to see how well they work? ???Are the FEMA experts right in saying that piles of sand work better than concrete seawalls??? Do any Stockton geology professor assign students to do experiments??? Or make systematic observations and collect the data to find out?
Or do they find it ?in their best interests? to simply teach their students to memorize and repeat what they are told?? Like in the Middle Ages?

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