What brought Christopher Columbus to America–Sent Richard Somers to his death in North Africa.

Last week, we had a holiday for Christopher Columbus.?? Tomorrow, Saturday,?October 19, Somers Point will host a parade and dedicate a monument?to remember it?s native son Richard Somers.?? Richard Somers and his entire crew of The Intrepid were killed off the ?shores of Tripoli? in 1804 during ?Barbary Wars?.?? This America?s first war against Muslim jihad–and its first war to end slavery.

The stories of Christopher Columbus and Richard Somers are closely linked together.

In the 1400?s Christopher Columbus and Italy?s best and brightest sea captains left Italy when the Muslim Turks destroyed what was left of? Eastern Roman Empire, and their ?sea-going allies in North Africa attacked every Christian ship they could find in the Mediterranean Sea.

Columbus and the other Italians sailed the Atlantic for Spain and Portugal looking for a sea-route to China that would be safe from Muslim warships.

Richard Somers commanded a warship in the American fleet that went to war against those Muslim Kingdoms in 1801.?? These remarkable Americans succeeded at making Christian ships and villages in and around the Mediterranean safe from Muslim attacks for the first time in 900 years.? Read the full story?at:


The Parade will begin at 10AM at the Dawes Avenue School and go along Shore Road to the Somers Point City Hall at New Jersey Avenue.??? The monument dedication will begin there at 11 AM.? I will be one of the speakers.? www.libertyandprosperity.org.

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