Why Yuri Bezmenov Matters

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Most older Americans agree that many, if not most younger Americans, especially those with the most money, education, and influence hate America–and us.  So do the elites who control our media, schools, Hollywood/TV entertainment, and most government agencies.  Every day, they lie about America, our history, and those of use who disagree with them.  But why?

Back in 1985, Yuri Bezmenov, explained why. Bezmenov was the son of one of Stalin’s most trusted generals in Communist Russia.  He quickly became high ranking agent of Russia’s secret police, the KGB.  His mission was to carry out a four step campaign called “ideological subversion” or “psychological warfare” against the United States and other democracies around the world during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The first step of that campaign is a long, 15 to 20 year process called “demoralization”.  It involves winning the support of future opinion makers, especially when they are young and easy to influence.  Those future opinion makers include students in journalism, education, and business. They also include young athletes, actors and entertainers. Bezmenov said that since the 1950’s he and other KGB agents succeeded in getting “three generations of teachers, journalists, and celebrities to love socialism and hate traditional American values”.

After doing this for years, Bezmenov became disgusted with the work he was doing and the lies he was spreading.  He risked his life to escape and come to America.  Others also did so.  They included Stanislav Levchenko, a KGB agent assigned to do ideological subversion in Japan.  They also included agents from other Communist countries including China, Cuba, and North Korea.  One them was Ion Pacepa, a secret police general in then Communist Romania who was assigned to subvert the Catholic Church.  Levchenko and Pacepa also escaped to America.  However, most Communist secret police agents who tried to escape were not so lucky.  Most were killed trying to escape, or hunted down and killed years later.

For example, 2000, Russian Secret Police agent Alexander Litvinenko escaped to England.  He had refused to murder an opponent of Vladimir Putin and publicly said he could no longer serve a “mafia state”.  Six years later, he was murdered by another Russian Secret Police agent with a deadly radioactive poison.  Yuri Bezmenov died of a “heart attack” at age 54 while living in Canada.  Most Americans could not believe that we were losing the “psychological” warfare of the Cold War to Communism.

We think it is important for every American to know the story of Yuri Bezmenov and others whose career was lying to Americans and teaching them to hate their country.

Sadly, although Yuri Bezmenov gave up a successful career and risked his life to warn us, few Americans took him seriously.  In 1984, Ronald Reagan was re-elected President with 525 electoral votes and 58.8% of the popular vote.  Our economy was booming. Communist Russia seemed to be collapsing.  Communist China and Cuba seemed harmless.  Islamic terror seemed limited to the Middle East.  Neil Diamond’s “Coming To America” was sung with pride everywhere.

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