Will 200,000 Afghan Refugees “Bring The War Home”?

In 1968, the slogan of “New Left” terrorists like Bill Ayers & Bernadine Dohrn became “Bring The War Home”, instead of  “Peace Now”.  When their efforts to destroy American with violence failed in 1968, they remained in Chicago.  There they took jobs and leadership positions in public schools and colleges where they re-wrote textbooks and curriculum during the 1970’s.  During the 1980’s and 1990’s, they helped radical leftists win leadership positions in local labor union and Democratic Party organizations throughout the country. They helped radical leftists get appointed to key positions in the federal government under Democratic Presidents Carter and Clinton.  In 1995, Ayers and Dohrn launched the political career of Barack Obama in Chicago, then fresh out of law school.  They mentored him until he was elected President and are still seen at various gatherings with him.  Click here for link to Obama and Bill Ayers, Together From The Beginning.

Yesterday, Democratic Governor Phil Murphy’s top health officials and federal authorities sent this email to Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point, and all NJ hospitals.  They are “requesting” medical staff to treat Afghan refugees at Maguire Air Force and other NJ locations.

Both George Bush Republicans and Clinton-Obama Democrats used and betrayed millions of Afghans during past twenty years.  We owe them help and protection.  However, Americans also need to be safe.  Can we do both?

Afghan refugees are not like previous refugees from wars we lost against Communists.  Chinese who fled to America in 1949, and  Hungarians who came here in 1956 knew the evils of socialism and hated it. They understood and admired America and our culture and system of freedom.  They understood and admired our Constitution that limited the power of government, and secured the  “unalienable” rights of each individual. So did refugees from Communist Cuba after 1959, and Vietnam after 1975.

Most Afghanistan refugees are much different.  The violent and intolerant teachings of Wahhab have been dominant in Afghanistan since Shah Waliullah and Syed Ahmad brought them there from Saudi Arabia more than 200 years ago.

There have been numerous polls, surveys, and  reports that most Afghan refugees believe Islamic law (sharia) is the highest law wherever they live.  They also agree with the Wahhab (Wahab or Wahabi) interpretation of Islam that has been taught throughout Pakistan and Afghanistan by the “Darul Uloom” or seminary at Deoband, India since 1866.  The word “taliban” means “students”.  The Taliban who now run Afghanistan were all students of teachers trained in the doctrine of  Wahab schools of Saudi Arabia and Deoband.

They agree with the Taliban that their intolerant and violent interpretation of Islamic Law (sharia) supersedes the laws and constitutions of any country they live in. Therefore, they cannot be friends with Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus or other “kaffirs” (non-believers).  As voters, they are obligated by sharia to vote for any believer and against any kaffir.  If elected or appointed to public office, they must decide any dispute in favor of any believer and against kaffir.  No country can exist if a lot of its citizens believe this.  No country can survive if invites and accepts people who do not accept the supremacy and legitimacy of the law of the land, and “liberty and justice for all” under that law.

Baktash Ahadi served U.S. and Afghan Special Operations forces as a combat interpreter from 2010 to 2012 and is a former chair of the State Department’s Afghan Familiarization course. He is working on a memoir of his service in Afghanistan.  On August 31, 2021, he wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post saying,

“When comparing the Taliban with the United States and its Western allies, the vast majority of Afghans have always viewed the Taliban as the lesser of two evils.”

“To many Americans, that may seem an outlandish claim. The coalition, after all, poured billions of dollars into Afghanistan. It built highways. It emancipated Afghan women. It gave millions of people the right to vote for the first time ever.  All true. But the Americans also went straight to building roads, schools and governing institutions — in an effort to “win hearts and minds” — without first figuring out what values animate those hearts and what ideas fill those minds. We thus wound up acting in ways that would ultimately alienate everyday Afghans.

Click here for full article by Baktash Ahadi.  Opinion | I was a combat interpreter in Afghanistan, where cultural illiteracy led to U.S. failure – The Washington Post

Many of these Afghan refugees are hated and despised by the “Taliban” or “students” of Wahhab doctrine. That is because those refugees are guilty of two of the most evil and unforgivable sins under sharia law.  Those sins are “hypocrisy” and “apostacy” .  They claim to believe in the Prophet Muhammad.  But yet they rejected his teachings by befriending and working with Christians and kaffirs in their war against faithful believers.  Moreover these “hypocrites” and “apostates” did it for money and other material benefits from the “kaffirs”.  According to the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad and his early followers as written in the Hadith (tradition), the only just punishment for them is a horrible, painful, and humiliating death.

This does not mean Afghanistan feel any loyalty or gratitude to Americans.  Many have good reason to despise us for betraying them.  Many are thinking of ways to redeem themselves from their sins by acts of revenge against us.

And that is what most Afghanistan refugees think about America now!  Think of how much more their children will hate our children when they attend Wahhab mosques and schools funded by Saudi oil money in this country.  How much more their children will hate our children when they learn Critical Race Theory and Howard Zinn’s hate-America fake history in our public schools?  Or when they see movies like “Django Unchained”?  Click here for Are Lies & Hate Of “Django Unchained” As Deadly As Those Of “Jew Suess”? – Liberty and Prosperity

This is why radical, hate-America Congress members Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn and Rashida Tlaib D-Mich are overjoyed to have 200,000 Afghan refugees in America.   If they thought Afghanistan refugees would support America and vote for Republicans, they would block them like they anti-Communists refugees from Hong Kong and Venezuela.

We have a moral obligation to protect Afghans who helped us.  However, we don’t have to do that by bringing them to America.  We also have an obligation to protect ourselves and our children.  With all of our money and resources, we can easily resettle them in one or more of 57 Islamic majority countries.  Isn’t that what the West did with refugees from Jewish majority areas of Israel/Palestine?

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