Will Atlantic City, County, & NJ Law Enforcement Use Videos, Offer Rewards To Identify, Arrest & Prosecute Rioters Like Him?

Still close-up frame of video taken by Amy Rosenberg of Philadelphia Inquirer of so-far unidentified and not yet arrested rioter stealing four boxes of shoes from Vans at TheWalk Outlet Shops in Atlantic City on May 31, 2020.

It shouldn’t be too hard to identify and locate dozens of rioters who broke windows and carried merchandise out of retail stores in Atlantic City last Sunday.  Dozens of people had their cell phones out and were taking photos from every angle and posting them on social media.  Several reporters, including Amy Rosenberg of the Philadelphia Inquirer also posted numerous photos and videos on their media websites.

Notice how easy it is for a professional to take a clear close-up photo from the same video I used to capture the blurry, distant image below.  The quickest and best way to stop bad behavior is to identify those who do it, and hold them accountable.  The best way to encourage more bad behavior is to let those who do it be rewarded by going unpunished and keeping what they took. 

This young lady looks around for police before running into the store to grab merchandise.  However, her face is captured on this video taken by reporter Amy Rosenberg, and is probably by the cell phone of the gentleman to the right. State, County, and Atlantic City law enforcement can easily offer rewards for additional videos and for assistance in identifying those responsible.   Will they do it?  If not, why not?

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2 thoughts on “Will Atlantic City, County, & NJ Law Enforcement Use Videos, Offer Rewards To Identify, Arrest & Prosecute Rioters Like Him?”

  1. Accountability is a word that does not exist in too much of today’s world. And big time in our public schools. Not to mention in families for fear of State intervention. We have a lot of work to do.

  2. Also people are taking pictures. What would they do without their phone? Would they perhaps confront the looter? And in the pix with the boy with shoe boxes , it looks like there is a security officer in the background watching. What happened to honesty?

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