17 Years Of Wind Energy Lies Are Killing Whales Today.

Coincidence?  Five Whales Dead Whales Just Happen To Be Exactly Where “Fugro Enterprise” Survey Ship Did Loud Sonar (Sound) Testing of Ocean Floor for ASOW (Atlantic Shores Ocean Wind) Project during December, 2022 and early January 2023.

Nine Examples Of How Leftist Democrats, environmental activists, “mainstream” media, environmental “watch dogs”, academics, unions, and “community organizers” all lied to us, and suppressed the truth about “climate crisis” and “wind energy” during the past seventeen years:

1.       2006:  A private company builds five wind turbines on land owned by Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA).  They cost $12.5 million ($2.5 million each). They are paid for with direct and hidden state and federal taxes and NJ Board of Public Utility (BPU) mandated electric company rate increases.  These wind turbines produce little, if any usable electricity.  They nothing but billboards used to sell even bigger, more expensive, and more wasteful government subsidized wind energy projects.  Private investors pay for oil and gas projects because they quickly pay for themselves.  Wind and solar energy projects never do.  Since 2006, the ACUA and countless schools, colleges, and government agencies systematically lied about the”success” of the five Atlantic City wind turbines. They falsely claimed that these five Atlantic City wind turbines “can power 2,500 homes” without any proof that they actually power a single home or office.  They falsely claimed these wind turbines pay for themselves by “saving” money and fossil fuel use.  However, the ACUA and its private owners refused to do any controlled experiments, or “clinical trials” or and failed to release any data to prove this. They know that large amounts of electricity cannot be stored, and that big electric power grids need steady, reliable power.  Wind turbines cannot power a commercial grid because they are as intermittent, unreliable, and unpredictable as the wind. They often produce power when it is not needed.  Because the wind can stop or slow down without any notice, backup generators must constantly burn large amounts of fossil fuels even when the wind is blowing.  To measure the “success” of wind turbines, we need data showing how much electricity from the Atlantic City wind turbines was “dumped” and wasted when it was not needed.  We need to know the amount and cost of fossil fuels that backed up these five wind turbines.  For 17 years, the ACUA and the private owners of the Atlantic City wind turbines all refused to do that analysis or release the necessary data.  For 17 years, Atlantic City Electric, the NJ  Board of Public Utilities (BPU), and the science departments of Stockton University and Atlantic City High School also failed to do this. Instead, federal and state governments created a complicated scheme of subsidies that gave big profits to the owners of wind turbines and solar panels by raising taxes, and electric rates for other customers. That is why New Jersey has some of the highest electric rates in the United States:  Click here for previous posts on this subject by LibertyAndProsperity.com:  You searched for acua wind – Liberty and Prosperity

2.       2013:  “Progressive” leftists block South Jersey Gas plan to use cheap and clean natural gas from Pennyslvania to produce electricity at Beesleys Point (B.L. England) power plant by Parkway Milepost 28 in Marmora, New Jersey – and to heat home and businesses throughout South Jersey.  Click here for previous posts on this subject by Liberty and Prosperity:  You searched for beesleys point – Liberty and Prosperity

a.       In 2013, new “fracking” methods were producing abundant, cheap, clean natural gas in nearby Pennsylvania.  South Jersey Gas proposed converting the old coal and oil generators of the B.L. England Power Plant in Beesleys Point (Marmora), NJ to natural gas.  The Pennsylvania natural gas to be delivered to once industrial Millville, New Jersey through existing pipelines.  A new pipeline would be built some 30 miles from Millville to Marmora under Route 49, a long existing paved road. Progressive “leftists” opposed the new pipeline and upgrading the generators with a campaign of lies.  They falsely claimed the pipeline would cause fires, poison Pineland water supplies, and threaten wildlife when they knew none of it was true. The pipeline would have safely buried under an existing road where it would not disturb “The Pinelands” or start fires.  Natural gas does not and cannot poison water.  After years of fighting lawsuits and opposition to permits by “progressive” leftists, and Democrats like NJ Governor Phil Murphy elected in 2017, South Jersey Gas abandoned the project.  The cooling tower of this vital power plant was blown up last summer. The rest of the power plant is slated for demolition in the near future.  Click here for details:    Why not build gas pipeline through shortest, cheapest, safest route? – Liberty and Prosperity


3.       2021:  Michael Shellenberger is recognized and respected worldwide as an environmental scholar and researcher.  He is the author of Apocalypse Never.  That is a carefully documented book that exposes many lies and myths of the political environmental movement.  During July of 2021, Shellenberger spoke in Ocean City about the Orsted “Ocean Wind” project.  That is a plan to build 100 wind turbines costing $10 million each off the beaches of Ocean City, and another 100 off the beaches of Brigantine.  The total cost of at least $2 billion will be paid for with massive increases in electric rates throughout New Jersey for the next thirty years.   Shellenberger mentioned the following undisputed, but “inconvenient” truths in his book and his 2021 presentation in Ocean City:

a.       There is no climate “crisis”.  World temperatures are rising at a very slow and manageable pace.  We can quickly and easily reduce carbon use without cutting electric use or raising prices by expanding existing nuclear power plants.  With very slight changes in the way we produce electricity, we can manage global carbon the way many people with diabetes manage blood sugar. Unfortunately a rush to non-producing wind and solar electricity, with their own environmental problems, is making things worse, not better.

b.       Electric power grids require steady consistent power sources, such as power produced by nuclear, coal, oil, gas or hydro-electric dams.  Electricity produced by the wind or sun cannot power a grid because it is unpredictable, intermittant, and unreliable.  It also often produces power when it is not needed.  That power must be dumped and wasted, because it cannot be stored.  That is why increased use of wind and solar energy causes high prices and more power failures.

c.       Nuclear power plants can quickly provide all the safe, abundant and reliable electrical we need for much less money than the cost of wind turbines and solar panels.  France invested heavily nuclear power, while Germany invested heavily wind and solar panel.  Right now Germany has high electric rates and frequent power shortages.  France has cheap, reliable electricity.  Germany is buying much its electricity from France at very high prices.

d.       The North Atlantic Right Whale is a highly endangered species.  Only 350 are believed to still be alive, including 100 females.  Each year these whales migrate from the coastal waters of New England to the coastal waters of North Carolina.  Placing more than 200 giant win turbines in their migration path is likely to cause their total extinction.

e.  2021:  Orsted, a private Danish corporation seeking some two billion dollars in government subsidies, paid large sums of money to colleges and research laboratories like Stockton University, and environmental “watchdog” groups like the Audubon Society.  As a result, these institutions and organizations are compromised.  We cannot rely on them to tell us the truth about the failures of wind turbines or their damage to the environment.

Not a single major media outlet reported Michael Shellenberger’s comments as news, nor did they report on any opposition to the Orsted project.  However, they gave consistent favorable front page coverage to Orsted and proponents of its “Ocean Wind” project.

4.  2023:  Each winter, various species of whales migrate from the ocean waters off New England to the waters off North Carolina.  They include sperm whales, humpback whales, and some 350 surviving, and highly endangered North Atlantic right whales.   During a six week period from December 5 through January 13, seven dead whales were discovered on beaches between Long Island, New York and Strathmere, New Jersey.  Lawmakers call for suspension of offshore wind activities after dead whale washes up in Brigantine (pressofatlanticcity.com)

5.  This large number of “unexplained” whale deaths during the past six weeks is unprecedented. Whale deaths cause by ship collisions or fishing accidents are rare during the winter because there is very little boat traffic.  It is well known that whales, like porpoises, use sound or sonar to navigate and communicate with each other.  Unusually loud noises in the ocean confuse and disorient them.

Above Image:  For years, Greenpeace, a leftist environmental group, protested against “Navy sonar testing and seismic testing from the oil and gas industry” because of the harm it does to whales and other marine mammals.  However, it had nothing to say about seismic testing from the ocean wind industry.

In 2002, the U.S. Navy admitted that one of its ships killed six whales when it did sonar testing of the ocean floor off the coast of New Jersey.  For years, the leftist environmental group Greenpeace organized protests against sonar testing by oil companies testing for offshore oil sites.  Click Here For Link To:  Murphy & Wind Companies Ignore US NAVY Report; Sonar Can Kill Whales – Downbeach BUZZ

6.       The recent “unexplained” whale deaths near Long Island and New Jersey began when a sonar testing ship called the Fugro Enterprise did sonar tests for a company called Atlantic Shore Offshore Wind (ASOW). That company plans to build 200 ocean wind turbines off the beaches of Long Beach Island.  That project is virtually identical to the Orsted “Ocean Wind” projects off the beaches of Brigantine and Ocean City, New Jersey.  Three whales were killed shortly after the Fugro Enterprise did testing off the beaches of Long Beach Island during December of 2022.  Two more were killed shortly after it did similar surveys during the first two weeks of January, 2023.

7. Since late December, local residents in Long Beach Island, Brigantine, and Ocean City, New Jersey demanded a suspension of Offshore Wind work until the deaths of these whales could be explained.  On January 6, 2023, Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew demanded a federal investigation of the matter.  He was soon joined by various state and local Republican elected officials including State Senator Vince Polistina of Atlantic County, and Mayor Vince Sera and several city council members in Brigantine.

8.   Democrats, including Federal officials in the Biden administration, NJ Governor Phil Murphy, and the Democrat media and various leftist environmental groups were quick to deny any connection between the recent whale deaths and ocean wind turbine projects.


a.       On January 13, 2023, Governor Murphy announced that the death of the seventh whale off New Jersey beaches was “no reason to suspend preparations for offshore wind turbines”.

b.       On January 19, 2023, the Associated Press reported:

“In a hastily arranged briefing for reporters, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management addressed a spate of whale deaths on the East Coast that some groups suspect may have been caused by site preparation work for offshore wind farms. . . “

9.  Since January 19, other Democratic and leftist media sources and environmental groups denounced any claims of connections between whale deaths and ocean wind projects as “dangerous misinformation”.

For more information, click the below links to visit websites for the following independent and local news sources and environmental defense groups in southern New Jersey:

Click Here for Link To Defend Brigantine Beach Facebook Page:  (1) Defend Brigantine Beach | Facebook

Downbeach Buzz (Ventnor, Margate, Longport, NJ) Downbeach Buzz. Margate, Ventnor & Longport News, Events, Real Estate

Protect Our Coast NJ:  Protect Our Coast NJ – Stop NJ Offshore Wind Development

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  1. Steve Yakoban

    There is only one source of whales yet many sources of energy. Amazing how these politicians and their greed never use the precautionary principal, just push ahead for their self interests at the expense of future generations and claim that they are environmentalists.

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