Before election, Atlantic City Mayor promised to make “tough choices”. After election, a lavish pay-to-play inauguration party worth of Clinton Foundation!

When Republican Don Guardian ran for Mayor in Atlantic City, a mostly Democratic town, he promised to be a one time mayor, who would make the tough choices to cut spending, 2016-guardian-ac-mayorregardless of the political consequences. But as soon as he was elected, his top priority was this lavish, pay-to-play inauguration worth of the Clinton Foundation “charity”.? 2014-0228-guardian-inaugural-ball?What new mayor of a city on verge of bankruptcy needed $100 million cuts to balance the budget would ask city vendors and contractors to be an?”After-Party Sponsor” for $30,000?? If you like our posts, please “like” our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page. Thanks.?? Seth Grossman for

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