First They Blocked Us On Facebook & Twitter. Is Our Email Next?

This was just posted on  Did Mailchimp deactivate Zerohedge?  If they did, can we be far behind?  We are already making plans for a backup.   For details, please click here to visit our previous post.   Thanks.

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Seth Grossman, Executive Director

(609) 927-7333

2 thoughts on “First They Blocked Us On Facebook & Twitter. Is Our Email Next?”

  1. Dear Seth:
    Indeed, you are, it seems, a very angry man! What awful trauma or tragedy in your life has brought you to such dis-
    satisfaction, blantant distrust and darkness in your thinking or soul. You only “know” what you choose to read, digest and regugitate to a group of deeply unhappy malcontents who find your whining prattle comforting as they constantly reflect of lives spent as being cheated or robbed of their share of happiness. Rather search within your agonized soul and purpose, a more meaningful and healthier view of human existence such as love of and for God, family, and and your fellow mankind. Wish you the best!

  2. For nearly ten years, I and other members of posted articles and comments that attracted roughly 9,000 followers and “likes” on Facebook and Twitter, and a “reach” or “impressions of more than 100,000 per week. During the past year, both Facebook and Twitter used their technology to block our posts from reaching most of our audience. Today, we are lucky if our posts “reach” more than 4,000 people each week.

    That is because Facebook and Twitter claimed that a handful of the roughly thousand articles and comments we posted during the past year contained “false” information. This is in spite of the fact that most of those “false” posts were true!. For example, we correctly stated that arson, cyclical drought (normal periods of dry weather), and poor forest management caused the destructive brush fires in California and Australia. We do admit that we did share two or three articles that turned out not to be true. When that happened, we usually took down those posts quickly when we learned the true facts. News happens quickly, and every news organization sometimes accidentally publishes information it believes to be true at the time, but which later turns out to be false.

    However, neither Facebook nor Twitter ever blocked or restricted them or any Democratic or left-wing organization in the same way for systematically posting false information. Somehow I suspect that Cortlandt Bellavance (or whatever that person’s real name is) would also be angry if he or she was at the receiving end of this treatment.

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