Gov. Murphy Cancelling NJ Restaurant Openings Ignorant & Devastating. But He Took Care of Govt. Employees & They Will Take Care of Him.

New Jersey’s own numbers show no reason for Gov. Murphy to delay opening of NJ restaurants.  In fact they show lockdown could have ended a month ago, with little or no increase in hospitalizations or deaths.


June 26:       388                     42

June 27:       289                     34

June 28:       309                      27

June 29:         90                      17

Is Gov. Murphy influenced by the news from Florida?  During the past week, there has been a sudden increase in Covid19 coronavirus cases in Florida.  But does it justify the hysterical non-stop coverage of mainstream national TV news?


Notice that while Florida has been getting 20 to 60 times more cases than New Jersey every day, both states have an almost identical number of deaths.  Of course part of the reason may be that deaths may increase in the weeks ahead.  However, it appears that even if Florida deaths increase, it will be slightly — far fewer than the 14,000 who died from coronavirus in New Jersey.   Why? First, Florida was careful to keep coronavirus out of nursing homes and over-55 developments. Instead of sending recovering coronavirus patients back home or to nursing homes, they are sent to special quarantine wards in Florida hospitals.  (All five high death Democrat run states like NJ actually ordered their nursing homes to admit recovering COVID-19 patients.) Second, Florida senior citizens and people with compromised immune systems are wearing masks and exercising social distance.  It is young, healthy people who are ignoring those protocols and getting sick.  However, that may not be a bad thing. Florida may have stumbled onto the “segment and shield” strategy now being used in England, Scotland, and Sweden.  It is based on the idea of encouraging young, healthy people to get infected and immune, while the elderly and sick are isolated until the danger passes.  As a child growing up in the 1950’s, I remember measles and chicken pox “parties” where mothers deliberately encouraged their children to get infected with these diseases while young, to avoid more serious cases when older.  I also remember my dad telling me how sick he was when he caught chicken pox as an adult.


JUNE 26            8,942                        39

JUNE 27            9,585                        24

JUNE 28            8,530                        29

JUNE 29            9,585                        28

JUNE 30            6,093                        58

Notice how the infection and death rate in New Jersey declined, even after much normal activity returned after Memorial Day Weekend, and with the protests and riots.  Does this indicate that lockdowns and closings are not needed to end the pandemic.  Is “segment and shield” a better option for New Jersey.  Are New Jersey infection and death rates declining because large numbers infected people recovered and developed immunity?  It is well known that all epidemics end when germs can no longer find more hosts who are not immune.   Finally, it appears that doctors are now far more skilled and effective in treating complications from corona virus now than when the disease first appeared.

Why isn’t any of this being openly discussed?  Why is Governor Murphy making such devastating decisions and exercising so much power on his own.  Why aren’t at least some Democrats joining Republicans to put an end to his emergency powers?

Unless they do, Governor Murphy doesn’t care how many private businesses he destroys, and how much financial ruin he brings to casino, restaurant, and other private business owners.   That is because his political support comes from government employees and their unions.  Even though Murphy deprived thousand of “non-essential” private business owners and employees of their incomes, he made sure that all 103,000 public school teachers and 40,000 state government employees got their full salaries, benefits and pension credits, even when they did not show up for work.  He made sure that the NJEA Teachers Union and CWA union for state government employees did not lose a dollar of dues from their members.

That is another reason why our recent Liberty and Prosperity lawsuit to stop Gov. Murphy from borrowing $9 billion is so important.  If we can choke off that money, Murphy will have to cut the pay of government employees to match the loss of taxes paid by private business owners and employees.  That may be the only way force Murphy to let those businesses open again.  Click here for details on our other Blog posts.  Thanks.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director

P.S.  I try to be as accurate as I can, but do make mistakes.  If you see any errors, missing or incomplete information, or even mistakes in grammar or punctuation, please let me know so we can correct and improve our posts.  Thanks.

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