Doug Stroz

Weekly Update – 30 June, 2012

“The American form of Government is a three horse team provided by the Constitution so that their field might be plowed. The three horses are the Congress, the Executive, and the Courts. Two of the horses are pulling in unison today. The third is not. The American people expect the third horse, the Courts, to pull in unison with the other two. . . ” Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt Fireside Chat (national radio address) #9, March 9, 1937.

Weekly Update – June 17, 2012

Democrat Governor Jon Corzine’s 2009-2010 budget was $28.9 billion. Republican Governor Christie’s 2010-2011 budget was $28.4 billion. Christie did not cut any state spending. He simply cut the amount of state income tax money that is supposed to be returned to property taxpayers in the form of homestead rebates and property tax relief payments to suburban towns and school districts. State government spending is now higher than ever under Republican Christie!

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