They’re Done With Kate Smith. We’re Not! Help Us Teach The Truth & Repair The Damage.

For days last month, sickening lies like this were repeated hour after hour on virtually every TV and Radio Network — Including Fox News Radio!

?The Philadelphia Flyers removed Kate Smith?s statue, and will no longer play her recording of ?God Bless America? because she sang racist songs in the 1930?s?.

It was all a Big Lie! Kate Smith never sang ?racist? songs! ? ? Those two songs were just the opposite!?? They were part of a national movement by many celebrities to fight the racism of white Democrats in the South, and integrate blacks into American culture in the North.?? While some words and images in those songs are offensive in today?s culture, those words acceptable parts of everyday speech for people of both races during the 1920?s and 1930?s. Even if some words in those two songs may have offended some, Kate Smith sung them early in her career when she was 24 years old.? They should not define a 50 year career in which she performed or recorded more than 3,000 songs! (Click here for details in our earlier post.)? Read below? and click here for the Patriots for Kate Smith Facebook Group? to learn details about Kate Smith’s remarkable character, achievements, and commitment to equal rights for all Americans.

However, Kate Smith was never the issue. ? She was not attacked over two songs from nearly 90 years ago. ? Kate Smith was attacked because she was a symbol of America.?? She was attacked by people who systematically use any excuse to attack, divide, and weaken our country. They are the same people who attacked Richard Stockton, our National Anthem, and the Boy Scouts for the same reasons.?? They have been doing this every since they replaced George Washington?s birthday with ?President?s Day? 50 years ago!

Yuri Bezmenov, who spent most of his life doing this as a Russian agent, explained this in a classic video interview he gave shortly after defecting to America.? Click here for the YouTube video: ? Subversion Explained by Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov. ?

We are putting together a ?Summer of Truth? project to tell the truth and repair the damage.? Please help us!

  1. Make a financial contribution so we can prepare and distribute videos, memes, postcards, to millions of visitors who will be here shortly.?? Please pay online on this website, bring your check to our 9:30AM Every Saturday Breakfast at the Shore Diner, or mail/drop off at our office at 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244.
  2. Help us persuade the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Flyers to bring back Kate?s song, and put her statue back up in Philadelphia.
  3. Help us persuade Stockton and Rowan Universities, our community colleges, and our high schools to teach students the truth about Kate Smith and other great Americans, and to recognize and reject the systematic “demoralization” campaign of lies against them.
  4. Join our Patriots for Kate Smith Facebook group, and our project to send private messages to the thousands of followers who liked and shared our posts, and who “engaged” us with comments.
  5. Join us for breakfast 9:30 any Saturday morning at the Shore Diner, Tilton and Fire Roads, by Parkway Exit 36 in Egg Harbor Township and suggest other ways to defend Kate Smith–and America.

Thank you!

Seth Grossman, Executive Director

More Details About Kate Smith:

Kate Smith quit nursing school in Washington, D.C. at age 19 to pursue a career in show business.?? She started in a Broadway-bound review that opened in Atlantic City in 1924. She then sang in traveling and later Broadway vaudeville shows where she was the target of many cruel jokes about her weight. She began writing and recording songs for Columbia Records in 1930 and was a national star by age 23.?? One year later, she risked her career to sign and record the powerful civil rights song that ?progressive? Democrats now falsely claim was racist.

(That same song was later sung and recorded by black singer and actor Paul Robeson. Robeson was such a radical civil rights advocate that he later moved to Communist Russia.)

Kate Smith is best known for inspiring the nation with ?God Bless America? in 1938 when many had lost faith in our country.?? Throughout World War II Kate Smith put together a show that travelled roughly 520,000 miles to entertain soldiers and sailors around the country. Her marathon radio broadcasts helped sell over $600 million ($10.2?billion in 2018 dollars) of bonds to pay for the war effort. No other show-business personality came close.

When the war ended, Kate Smith spoke out against racism and prejudice.?? In 1951, she was the first to invite black singer Josephine Baker on national TV. At that time Baker, was controversial because of her public attacks on segregation.

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  1. Marty C Marran

    I’ve made this same argument on Facebook. I would say that intelligent and thoughtful Americans, Democrats and Republicans agree with the sentiments expressed here.

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