Vice-President Joe Biden Bribes & Shakedowns. Five Family Members Launder The Money. FBI, Mainstream Media Cover It Up. And Maybe Something Even Darker.

Here are nineteen documented facts about Joe Biden’s corruption, his family’s role in laundering the money.  We also explain how the FBI, mainstream media, and tech billionaires have so far kept half the country from knowing anything about this in the critical months before the election.

Until the New York Post published contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer, the Mac Shop in Wilmington, Delaware enjoyed a five star Yelp review.  Its owner John “Mac” Isaac was praised for being among the most knowledgeable in the business, offering great personal service, charging reasonable prices, and being able to fix almost anything.  Several customers in particular praised him for fixing laptop computers that had been “soaked with water”.

  1. For years, Vice-President Biden helped Communist China and hurt Americans in exchange for bribes paid to his son Hunter Biden.

  1. For years, Vice-President Biden also gave away U.S. aid and sweetheart contracts to other governments and corporations in exchange for bribes paid to close family members. They included his son Hunter Biden, his brothers James Biden and Frank Biden, his sister Valerie Biden Owens, and his son-in-law Howard Krein.


  1. These payments were well known and suspicious for many reasons. The payments to Biden’s family members seemed excessive for the work they did.  The Biden family members seemed unqualified for the jobs or contracts they got.  Finally, the Biden family members were hired when Vice-President  Biden was involved in giving large sums of money or valuable benefits to the governments or people connected to the business entities that hired Biden family members.

Vice-President Joe Biden brags at event sponsored by Council on Foreign Relations of how he “persuaded” the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor investigating large payments made by one of its companies to Hunter Biden, the Vice-President’s son.  This took place in 2016.  The video introduction incorrectly states 2006.

  1. For years, U.S. diplomats, the FBI, the U.S. Justice Departments, and the financial and political communities all knew that Biden family members were getting rich from governments and businesses getting U.S. government favors negotiated by Vice President Biden. Much of it was openly reported in financial newspapers.  In 2016, Vice President Biden openly bragged on video at an event sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations that he extorted the Ukrainian government into firing a prosecutor who was investigating a company that had given a highly paid no-show job to his son Hunter Biden!   However, the Bidens were never questioned or investigated about any of this by the FBI or other law enforcement agencies.  Meanwhile many officials associated with President Trump were investigated, wiretapped, and prosecuted because of much less evidence of far more serious offenses.


  1. During April of 2019, Hunter Biden brought several laptop computers to a repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware known as The Mac Shop.  The shop’s owner, John Paul”Mac” Isaac, had many favorable reviews from Yelp about his computer repair shop.  However, his “Yelp” site was just closed because dozens of negative and threatening reviews were posted their when he was identified as the source.  (Although he was not named in any of the stories, a photo of his shop was published by the New York Post.


  1. Biden signed a repair contracts requesting that the shop repair “water damages” to the laptops. He signed a repair contract agreeing to pick up the laptop and pay for the repairs “within 90 days”.


  1. Hunter Biden failed to pick up and pay for the laptops within that 90 day period. The Mac Shop therefore took ownership of them in mid to late July 2019.  At some point,  John Isaac, the repair shop owner, copied the hard drive and accessed the contents.

  1. While doing that, the Mac Shop owner found “disturbing contents” on the hard drive, together with many emails to and from Hunter Biden “that discussed illegal activities”.


  1. During September of 2019, the Mac Shop owner “contacted an intermediary” about the emails. That intermediary then contacted the FBI.  According to the owner, “I’m afraid of someone wanting to make sure that I don’t extort them for money, or that I don’t do things with their computer.  They silence people.  So I was afraid. . . I just wanted it out of my shop”.

  1. During December of 2019, the FBI came to the Mac Shop and made a copy of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. A few weeks later, an FBI agent named Joshua Wilson came with a subpoena and seized it.


  1. In 2012, an FBI agent based in New Jersey named Joshua Wilson arrested and filed a detailed criminal complaint against an Ocean County resident for three counts of child pornography, and one county of statutory rape with a fifteen year old girl. Last year, the Newark Star Ledger described “Joshua Wilson” as “an FBI agent based in New Jersey who spent nearly five years working full time on child pornography.  Was this FBI agent the same Joshua Wilson who seized Hunter Biden’s laptop from the repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware?   If so, why would an FBI agent specializing in child pornography prosecutions in New Jersey be sent to seize a laptop computer for someone suspected of illegal bribes and kickbacks overseas?

  1. According toe the repair shop owner, “the FBI agent” suggested that he not talk about the laptop and that “nothing ever happens to people who don’t talk”.


  1. When the shop owner did not hear anything further from the FBI, the shop owner contacted Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah. When Senator Lee did not respond, he contacted former New York Mayor and friend of President Trump Rudy Giuliani.  Giuliani shared the information with the New York Post, which published several front page stories about what was on the website.


  1. The New York Post is a long established, well respected, mainstream local newspaper in New York City. Its reporters have received much recognition and many awards for their original investigative journalism.  It was never called a “tabloid” like the National Enquirer – until it posted stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop on October 14!


  1. Starting on October 14, the New York Post published a series of explosive news stories based on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer. They state that it contains emails confirming that Joe Biden directly spoke with Communist Chinese and Ukrainian government and business officials about business deals involving Hunter Biden and other Biden family members.  This is important because Joe Biden said he never talked to his son or anyone else about his business.  At least two of those emails also talk about Hunter Biden and other family members paying “half our income” to “Pops”.  This was while “Pops”, or Joe Biden,  was Vice-President of the United States under Obama.  This is when Biden had responsibility for negotiating trade deals and awarding massive amounts of US aid with foreign governments of countries where his family members were getting rich from no-bid, non-competitive jobs and contracts!


  1. Not a single newspaper other than the New York Post, and not a single TV or radio news network reported this story. They claimed it could not be verified.  Yet every detail of the story is backed up by other undisputed documents already released.  They are even backed up by “gaps” in Joe Biden’s officials schedule when he was Vice President!  Even if these news organizations doubt the truth of many facts in the New York Post story, shouldn’t they be asking questions about them?  Didn’t those same news organizations publicly ask President Trump if he insulted our war dead and  members of our military even though not a single witness to any such conversation ever said he did?  Didn’t those news organizations report and publish that unsupported slander even though more than a dozen top officials present at the time swore that no such conversations ever took place?


  1. Neither President Trump nor Vice President Biden was asked about the information contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop at either of the Town Hall meetings last Thursday, October 15, 2020. s



  1. Both Twitter and Facebook banned the New York Post from their platforms unless they deleted this story.

This is what happened when the editor of the New York Post tried to use his personal Twitter account to share his newspaper’s story on Hunter Biden’s emails.  This makes you wonder what Hillary Clinton’s emails would have disclosed if she did not destroy them shortly after they were subpoenaed.  And what would have happened to any Republican who did anything like this.

  1. Both Twitter and Facebook suspended, restricted, or deleted the accounts of dozens, if not hundreds of users who attempted to use their platforms to share or retweet the New York Post story of Biden corruption. Those users included President Trump’s campaign,  OANN reporter Jack Posobiec, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, and James Wood.


I put these nineteen points together very quickly.  Because I am busy with another project, I I did not have time to post the sources.  I invite you to do your own search of the key words of each or any of the above paragraphs.  However, I recommend that you use independent search engines like rather than “wired” sites like Google.

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